LG Electronics said Monday that it is spinning off a wireless art initiative developed through its “open innovation” strategy and incubated in house using LG’s self-charging digital picture frame technology.

LG said the new Acanvas project will be managed completely by former LG employees, who will be responsible for their own fundraising. Acanvas will leverage an art streaming platform containing millions of licensed works of art displayed in Full HD customizable digital frames with no visible cords. Images can be delivered directly to the walls of customers through a simple iOS or Android smartphone app.

Acanvas said it just started a Kickstarter campaign last week to fund the completion of the technology development and begin commercial operations. Acanvas is initially targeting North America with plans to expand to other markets next year. LG is providing use of its patented technology.

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Acanvas is described as a Wi-Fi connected and customizable art display that hangs on any wall, charges itself at pre-assigned times and streams art into the home.

It features a first- of its-kind app that uses curated Art Stations to stream old and new artwork from a variety of artists and genres. Users can stream art, search for a favorite piece to display or display their own images, the company said.

Acanvas frames are offered in 23-inch Full HD 1080p LCD super wide viewing angle display with two frame styles (or optional custom frame). They incorporate an onboard battery that can be self-charged and doesn’t require any difficult installations. Cords are hidden behind the frame, expect during charging periods.

The Acanvas frames charge themselves automatically at pre-assigned times by lowering a retractable wired charging puck into a charging dock mounted near the floor below the frame. The charging puck makes the connection in the dock and feeds power to the battery until the fully charged, and then retracts the puck up and out of sight behind the frame.

The battery holds enough power to display a picture for four to five hours per charge.

Acanvas can be hung without a frame or with a black-brown or silver matted frame. Custom frames can be built to match any décor, the company said.

Meanwhile, in related news, LG said it is spinning out a similar venture called Infit & Company as part of the same initiative. That company will focus on an imaging modular diagnosis machine developed to diagnose conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Once the Acanvas frame is mounted, users can start showing art immediately using the Acanvas iOS or Android app on mobile devices offering a so-called “Art Stations” feature inside the app.

The Acanvas frames are available for pre-order now through the Kickstarter page. They run $299 and $399. The first shipments will go out to iOS-enabled Kickstarter backers in October 2016, followed by shipments to Android-enabled backers in December 2016.

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Art Stations, which the company refers to as “Pandora for artwork,” brings curated art images, ranging from classic to modern.

“The Art Stations flow through artwork, making it easy to discover new artists and keeping your space updated with new artwork all the time,” the company’s Kickstarter posting reads. The Acanvas Art Stations are an optional service.

Personal photos also can be used. The Acanvas app provides access to stored digital images.

To show its support for the venture and to remove any risk associated with startups, LG has promised employees who join either of the two new companies that they will have guaranteed positions at LG if they should decide to return within three years.

LG said it plans to expand its initiatives to encourage more of the type of thinking that led to the formation of Acanvas and Infit. The initiatives are part of the company’s Idea Power Plant, which was developed to identify and fund with up to 10 million Korean won the most promising employee-generated ideas that can be commercialized within five months.

By Greg Tarr


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