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In the recent past we’ve seen the US product introductions of UHDTVs with 4 times the resolution (3840 x 2160) of HDTV from Sony, Toshiba and Samsung. All their models in the 55 and 65-inch screen sizes use edge-lit LEDs. Last year’s highest rated LED LCDs were HDTVs from Sony and Elite (by Sharp). Reviewers raved about outstanding contrast ratios and deep blacks these models could produce, due to  these televisions’ ability to dim the LEDs in small sections on the screen. Those models were discontinued and not replaced  in 2013.   Yesterday LG debuted its local dimming  UHDTVs at Audio Video Center in California. Details and the press release appear after the break.

LGs new LED backlit local dimming 55-inch is called the 55LA9700, the 65-inch is the 65LA9700.  They are UPP priced at $5999.99 and 7999.99 respectively.

Both models divide the screen into 144 zones for local dimming. Additional features include a motorized retractable sliding soundbar below the screen. The sound system is 4.1 channels with a total power of 50-watts.

The UHD LCD panel uses LG in-plane switching (IPS) for wide horizontal viewing angles.

The LA9700 series are full featured with Smart TV apps, and movie streaming, passive 3D (four pairs of glasses included) and LG’s Magic Remote with voice and gesture control.

The 9700s use LG’s Tru-Ultra HD signal processing with a four step process to upconvert standard and high definition content to UHD resolution. In addition, LG claims this is the first UHDTV to incorporate an new high efficiency video coding (HEVC) decoder (aka H.265). This algorithm is expected to be utilized in future UHD content due to its high rate of compression.

The LG 55LA9700 and 65LA9700 is available now only at Audio + Video Center in Santa Monica, California.  LG will follow with rollouts in Chicago (ABT), NY (PC Richard), Miami (Brandsmart) and Virginia (Crutchfield) this month prior to going to national distribution, according to an LG spokesperson.

The full press release appears under the AV Center photo.


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LG Ultra HDTV Launch






Full-Array Backlit LED Display Technology Delivers Superior Picture Performance

in LG Ultra HD TVs with New Screen Sizes, Unique Features


SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 11, 2013 – Building on its success with the industry’s first 84-inch class Ultra High Definition flat-panel TV available in the United States, LG Electronics today expanded its 2013 Ultra HD line to include the first full-backlit LED array models in 55- and 65-inch class (54.6- and 64.7-inch diagonal, respectively) screen sizes, making Ultra HD technology available for a larger segment of the market.


LG Electronics USA chose Southern California as the consumer launch pad for the LA9700 series, teaming up with high-end retailer Video & Audio Center to introduce the new LG Ultra HD TV size and price options to U.S. consumers for the first time at a VIP in-store event.


In addition to unparalleled picture performance, the new LG Ultra HD TVs sport a distinctive industrial design with a slim bezel screen and a 4.1 channel, 50-watt sound system that includes the unique LG “sliding speaker*,” a motorized sound bar that magically appears below the screen.


“When we brought the first Ultra HD TV to market last fall, consumer acceptance was surprisingly strong, considering that the 84-inch TV carried a $20,000 pricetag,” said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, LG Electronics USA, and head of LG’s U.S. home entertainment business. “Now, with a wider range of sizes at more attractive prices, even more consumers can enjoy the amazing picture clarity that Ultra HD TVs provide.”


Joseph Akhtarzad, vice president and co-owner of Video & Audio Center’s three LA-area stores, said, “With LG’s launch of the first 84-inch Ultra HD TV in our Los Angeles store, we immediately recognized that consumers were hungry for the type of entertainment experience Ultra HD delivers. Now we are proud to offer the new 55- and 65-inch class LG models for those looking to bring Ultra HD into their homes.”


Enhanced Picture and Sound

Ultra HD TV quadruples the resolution of today’s Full HD 1080p TVs**. “But other factors contribute to the ultimate in picture performance,” says Vandenbree. “That’s why we’re combining LG’s proprietary NANO FULL LED array backlighting with IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen technology in the new LA9700 series.”


With LG’s NANO technology, LED particles are dispersed across a thin film behind the screen enabling detailed local dimming that provides superior picture control by allowing discrete sections of the LED array to be individually controlled, based on the picture. The result is amazing brightness, deeper blacks and richer colors for better contrast and color accuracy, as well as more overall picture uniformity. LG IPS display technology delivers wider viewing angles with less loss of color accuracy and contrast than traditional panels.


NANO technology adds to the already excellent picture detail and clarity afforded by these TVs’ 3840 x 2160 picture resolution. Even before so-called “4K” content is widely available, LG’s powerful Tru-Ultra HD engine gives consumers a spectacular Ultra HD entertainment experience employing a proprietary four-step “up-scaling” process to enhance the detail of current HD and SD content.


The LA9700 series will also be the first sets available to incorporate the new H.265 high efficiency video coding (HEVC) decoder, making these models forward-compatible if content providers begin to utilize this new standard for encoding broadcast or streaming content.


LG improved the sound quality of the new TVs by incorporating a unique, built-in, sliding speaker system that delivers an audio experience that’s on par with the Ultra HD TVs’ impressive 4K resolution. It can be programmed to remain permanently hidden or extended or alternatively, set to silently slide out when the TV is turned on and retract when powered off, allowing it to maintain a minimalist design. Also included is a subwoofer, which is located behind the screen, to ensure strong bass performance.


Early Adopters Embracing Ultra HD

On sale today for the first time at a VIP customer event at Video & Audio Center’s Santa Monica store, LG’ 55- and 65-inch class Ultra HD LA9700 series also feature LG’s Smart TV platform with voice control-capable Magic Remote and CINEMA 3D technology.


Respected industry analyst Richard Doherty, research director for Envisioneering Group, expects the Ultra HD TV market to grow steadily in the United States as the new technology and form-factors go mainstream. “We see U.S. demand growing from high tens of thousands this year to more than tens of millions by 2016. New screen sizes give premium viewers much-wanted new options, and LG’s full-array LED displays give those consumers a superb picture to astound family and friends of all ages.”


“Early adopters already are embracing Ultra HD TV,” said Tom Campbell, industry pundit, widely quoted technologist and director of Video & Audio Center. “Even the most premium consumers are looking for screen sizes that fit their lifestyle, and LG is proving that 4K Ultra HD works in ‘smaller’ screen sizes. I say that in jest, because for most, a 65- or 55-inch class screen is really big for most rooms.”


The new models carry a suggested retail price of $7,999.99 and $5,999.99, respectively. The 84-inch class (84.04 inch diagonal) LG model is available for $19,999. For more information on LG’s Ultra HD TVs, please visit http://www.lg.com/us/ultrahdtv/index.jsp.


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