LG Electronics’ 65-inch curved-screen 65EG9600 4K OLED TV was selected the winner of the 11th Annual Value Electronics TV Shootout held at CE Week in New York City, Wednesday and Thursday.

The curved-screen “Art Slim” OLED TV beat out three contending flagship 4K Ultra HD TVs including the 78-inch Samsung UN78JS9500, the 75-inch Sony XBR-75X940C and the Panasonic TC-65X850U. The LG set won in two different sets of voting – one among general attendees and the other from a panel of expert calibrators.

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Voting included seven different quality attributes including: black level, perceived contrast, color accuracy, and motion resolution, among others. The sets were not tested for their ability to handle high dynamic range, however.

Robert Zohn (pictured above), proprietor of Scarsdale, N.Y.-based A/V electronics store Value Electronics, and the event organizer, declared the LG 65EG9600 the “King of TV” for 2015.

“This is the second-consecutive year that LG OLED has taken the crown, beating its LED counterparts in an intense side-by-side comparison,” Zohn announced. “The experts and CE Week attendees have spoken: OLED TVs deliver superior picture quality compared to contemporary TV technologies.”

audiencevote“LG OLED TV sets a new standard for picture quality and delivers an incredible TV experience unlike any LCD LED TV available,” stated Tim Alessi, LG home entertainment new product development director. “For years LG has been at the forefront of innovations that demand recognition from picture quality authorities and consumers alike, and industry recognition like this further validates our efforts, especially with OLED 4K TVs.”

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The Value Electronics TV Shootout is an annual event comparing the flagship TVs from major manufacturers to identify which provides the top in picture quality. Each TV in the 2015 competition was professionally calibrated and evaluated by CE Week attendees, including industry experts, tech influencers and A/V enthusiasts.

All of the TVs in the shootout will have the ability to ready and present metadata for high dynamic range in forthcoming 4K Ultra HD HDR content. However, standards and definitions for exactly what HDR is are still being determined by various multi-industry organizations.

expert votes

LG said the EG9600 series OLED TVs (which also includes a 65-inch model) will receive a firmware update soon to support HDR content streaming. LG said its OLED technology is “perfectly suited for HDR content because it delivers perfect black – which only OLED technology can achieve at this time.” Approaches using LED LCD TVs, instead, boost brightness performance levels to as high as 800-1,000 Nits to achieve the necessary dynamic range.

By starting from absolute black, OLED is able to produce the required light ranges at lower peak brightness. OLED technology is also noteworthy for its wider viewing angles.

The 65EG9600 is available now at various retailers nationwide at a suggested price of $8,999.

By Greg Tarr

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