WebOS+3.0LG revealed Monday that it will be introducing at CES 2016 next month new smart TVs carrying its updated webOS 3.0 operating system.

LG is keeping the details of the TVs a secret a little while longer for the show, but it decided to outline a few of the new and improved webOS 3.0 features that improve on the webOS 2.0 system.

Chief among the features is a function called Channel Plus, which provides a range of free over-the-top (OTT) delivered content from broadcasters and publications in an easy to find, user-friendly format.

LG’s webOS 3.0 will also add three new Magic Zoom features, which are said to enable zooming in the picture without image degradation. Also included is a Magic Mobile Connection, which provides an easy to use wireless connection between mobile devices and the TV.
In addition, LG said its Magic Remote now features set-top box “on/off,” “menu” buttons and DVR functions.

More on the new and improved webOS 3.0 after the jump.

Meanwhile, LG has upgraded the My Channels and Live Menu features with new sub-features to that improve usefulness. These include: the ability to register up to 10 favorite channels through the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and easily check programming on other favorite channels without having to leave the screen they’re enjoying, LG said.

A Channel Advisor function will now analyze and learn users’ viewing patterns in order to display upcoming time slots with program information about a user’s frequently watched programs.

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Meanwhile, the “Multi-View” feature now allows users to watch two different sources simultaneously, so viewers could watch two-different channels at the same time or one channel and Blu-ray movie at the same time.

A Music Player app on webOS 3.0 plays music through the TV’s speakers, even when the TV is off, and the IoTV app allows on-screen control of smart home appliances from LG as well as other manufactures’ appliances that are compatible with LG IoTV.

By Greg Tarr


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