LG Electronics is running a limited-time VIP pre-launch program for its 2016 65-inch 4K Signature Series OLED TV, awarding selected dealers a total of about 20 in-store demo models of the OLED 65G6P Signature model, sources told HD Guru.com.

The pre-launch program will run through nine mostly regional specialty A/V dealer accounts around the country, and will set-the-table for a national roll out of the TV and other 2016 LG 4K OLED TV models at the end of March and early April, according to sources.

The Signature Series is a new advanced product tier used for elegantly styled and designed LG technologies in major appliances and OLED TV.

Sources said the 65-inch Signature model OLED 65G6P will be priced at $7,999 and subject to the company’s unilateral pricing policy. LG executives would not comment on the pre-launch Signature OLED information and said that 2016 OLED TV pricing has not been set at this time for anything other than the 65-inch 4K Ultra HD E6 model (65E6), which was announced as having a $6,999 UPP at the recent CES 2016.

The larger 77-inch version of the LG Signature G6 OLED series, due later in the year, won HD Guru’s Best of Show award for CES 2016.

Read more on the roll out of the LG 65-inch G6 Signature Series model after the jump:

According to sources familiar with the pre-launch promotional plan, LG has selected nine prominent regional and/or national specialty electronics dealers to receive a limited allotment of around 20 models to be used for in-store demonstrations and to take advance pre-orders. The selected accounts are all equipped, staffed and trained to sell and install the sophisticated electronics used in the advanced OLED display, sources said.

Among those accounts with access to the set are: Best Buy Magnolia, which will have access to six pieces at launch – 1 each for six stores; PC Richard & Son, which will have access to two pieces – one each for two stores; ABT, which will have one piece for its Chicago store; Nebraska Furniture Mart, which will have one piece; Brands Mart in Southern Florida, which will have one piece, Bjorns in Dallas, which will have one piece; Video & Audio Center in Los Angeles, which will have one piece; Value Electronics in Scarsdale, N.Y., which will have one piece; and Fry’s Electronics, which will have two pieces – one for each of two stores at unknown locations.

The pre-launch event is slated to kick off the week of Feb. 7th, after the Super Bowl.

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Sources said participating dealers will have a number of VIP benefits for the early launch including: exclusive merchandising; a short near-exclusivity window.; a G6 OLED TV for in-store display; a high-end display rack; exclusive content unique to the G6 including the Ridley and Jake Scott-produced/directed 2016 LG Super Bowl commercial; “Where to Buy” information highlighted on LG promotional material; and prioritized pre-order fulfillment. LG executives refused to comment on the pre-launch details.

Selected retailers get a store demo unit and the approval to take orders immediately with allocations beginning in mid-February, sources tell us. All other authorized dealers will get access to the TV and other LG 4K OLED TV models at the end of March.

Other 2016 4K OLED TV models will have wider distribution options, sources said. For example, many authorized LG dealers will have access to the 65-inch 4K Ultra HD E6 model (65E6) at a $6,999 UPP; and the 55-inch 55E6 at $3,999 UPP, which both have LG’s picture on glass design cosmetic and the same advanced picture quality technologies at the Signature G6 model. LG said pricing on the 55-inch E6 and the 65G6P has not been established and might change by the sale date.

By Greg Tarr


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