If you’ve had your eyes on an OLED TV but have been holding off until prices get more affordable, your wait might be over.

That’s because LG Electronics took the wraps off of a pre-holiday market penetration strategy to get OLED TVs into the hands of more customers. The effort lops between 30- to 45-percent off the price of select OLED TV series.

The price targets focus on new and existing Full HD and 4K Ultra HD OLED series including the 4K UHD EF9500, with flat screens, the previously introduced and curved 4K UHD EG9600 series and a new Full HD 1080p 55-inch EG9100 model, which will see prices of under $2,000 for the first time, placing it on par with many premium LED TVs.

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The EF9500 series flat OLED 4K Ultra HD TVs include the 55-inch 55EF9500, which now carries a $2,999 net price – the previous $5,499 suggested retail was lowered to $3,999, and LG is offering a $1,000 instant rebate.

The 65-inch 65EF9500 has a $4,999 new net price – with the previous price plummeting from $6,999 to $5,999, plus a $1,000 instant rebate.

In the curved-screen EG9600 Art Slim 4K UHD OLED series, the 55-inch 55EG9600 now has a net price of $2,999 with the previous $5,499 suggested retail lowered to $3,999 plus a $1,000 instant rebate.

The 65-inch 65EG9600 now has a $4,999 net price – with the previous $6,999 retail price lowered to $5,999 plus a $1,000 instant rebate.

In Full HD OLED models, the new 55-inch 55EG9100 curved-screen OLED TV gets a $1,999 net price, from a $500 instant rebate applied to the $2,499 price, starting October 18.

The previously introduced 55-inch 55EC9300 Full HD curved OLED TV is now available at a record low price of $1,799 while supplies last, LG said.

LG OLED TVs are now available in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch class sizes, both curved and flat, and 1080p Full HD and 4K Ultra HD resolutions. The LG OLED category will be a highlight of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s annual trade show next week in Dallas.

LG said the new 55-inch Full HD curved OLED TV, which is now priced at $1,999, is more than 85 percent lower than the price of LG’s first-generation 55-inch class model, which originally sold for $14,999 two years ago.

The TVs are available nationwide through big-box retailers, regional dealers and specialty and custom-installation retailers.
OLED display technology offers a host of picture quality benefits over LED LCD TVs that make up the majority of flat-screen TVs in the market today. These include, deep black levels that produce less washed-out looking images with richer color saturation, energy efficiency, wide viewing angles, more natural-looking flesh tones and the thinnest panel depths possible.

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LG points out that perfect blacks attainable by OLED technology help achieve high dynamic range (HDR) capability in select model series. The company said HDR will deliver a more expansive range of darkness, brightness and shadow detail, to bring greater realism to the viewing experience.

Where top-end LED LCD TVs have an advantage over OLED technology is in higher brightness levels that will achieve eye-squinting brightness flashes in HDR images of scenes like explosions, with surrounding black levels unchanged; generally more affordable price points; and no risk of image retention (sometimes called burn in) if static images are left on screen too long. LG, however, said that image retention is no longer an issue for its approach to OLED panel production.

LG OLED TVs all include the company’s webOS Smart TV platform designed to simplify and speed up switching between content options, including broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices.

LG’s updated webOS platform for 2015 models adds an enhanced user interface, and reduced boot time.

By Greg Tarr


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