OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) HDTVs are widely regarded as the “holy grail” of displays: Brilliant, rich colors and jet-black blacks provide infinite contrast ratios. OLEDs have very wide plasma-like viewing angles exceeding any LCD. At less than 5 millimeters thick, they make other 2011 television seem fat. They even handle fast motion without blurring and have lower power consumption than any other TV technology.

According to our industry sources and recent reports out of Korea, Samsung and LG will offer these potentially amazing TVs in the US  targeting  the third quarter in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics next July.

Potential pricing and other info after the jump…

HD Guru has obtained data from marketing research firm DisplaySearch showing worldwide OLED TV production totals for the two companies to be just 50,000 in 2012. Some 20,000 units are allocated for the North American market. DisplaySearch predicts total 2012 OLED TV revenue at $278 millon.

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Based on DisplaySearch sale and revenue data, leading TV market analyst and founder of Quixel research Tamaryn Pratt predicts initial retail pricing at approximately $7,999 and up. Pratt added: “This is a great time  for set makers to sell OLED via custom installers, as they are dying to have a display that will be both profitable and is demonstrably better than the competition . Its the holy grail for them as well.”

Samsung and LG are using two different approaches in panel design. LG opted for an OLED panel made up of over 6 million white light emitting diodes. Like the white bulbs in LED TVs, the color image is produced by a matrix of red, blue and green filters placed over the panel.

Samsung OLED TVs will be made up of separate red, blue and green diodes, just like in its current OLED   Galaxy smart phones.

Both sets will debut to the press at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas Nevada on January 9, 2012.



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