LG formally announced Monday that its 8K OLED and NanoCell LED/LCD TVs will be among the first in the industry to carry the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA’s) 8K Ultra HD certification logo in 2020.

As previsously reported, LG is positioning its 8K televisions as “Real 8K” because they meet (they actually exceed according to the statement) the minimum requirements established by the CTA for 8K displays.

In particular, this refers to the display’s ability to present both 8K pixel resolution and Contrast Modulation (CM) exceeding a 50% minimum. LG said its 8K OLED televisions actually surpass 90%. The CM threshold was originally established within the long established resolution testing guidelines of the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM), which typically influences the display performance guidelines established by other technical associations including the CTA.

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LG said in its statement that “the CTA based its 8K definition on the threshold specified by the International Committee for Display Metrology. The measurement guidelines based on contrast modulation (CM) state that resolution must meet a 50 percent minimum CM threshold along with at least 33 million active pixels in order to qualify as 8K UHD. Other industry standard-setting bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization also use Contrast Modulation as the industry benchmark.”

Starting in January 2020, every LG 8K TV will display CTA’s 8K UHD logo, the company said. LG said its new 2020 models will “build on LG’s leadership position as the only manufacturer offering Real 8K TVs in two categories – OLED (LG Signature OLED 8K) and LCD (LG 8K NanoCell TV) – all delivering CM values in the 90 percent range, while some other models in the industry remain in the low double digits.”

The “low double digit” reference was to Samsung 2018 and 2019 8K UHD QLED TVs, which LG said use wide angle and anti-reflection filtering technologies that blur the black and white lines used in determining CM values.

Samsung, which is part of the 8K Association, uses different evaluation criteria for its 8K resolution standards. But company executives have told us that Samsung expects its 2020 8K televisions will conform to the new CTA 8K Ultra HD certification guidelines.

To underscore its “Reak 8K” position, LG said that “third-party testing by the global product testing and certification organization Intertek verified that the 75-inch LG NanoCell 8K TV far surpasses the CM measurement requirement set by ICDM, with the unit returning an impressive 90% CM horizontally and 91% CM vertically. Another leading international testing firm, VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) reported nearly identical CM results.”

“CTA is the consumer technology industry authority, and LG’s use of the CTA 8K UHD logo communicates a clear message to consumers that a Real 8K TV from LG will deliver the viewing experience they expect,” said Nam Ho-jun, senior vice president of R&D at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “We expect LG’s 2020 8K TV lineup to set a new standard for the TV industry.”

Regarding its 8K certification program, the CTA said:

  • Beginning January 1, 2020, manufacturers who signed the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) 8K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) logo license agreement may begin using the logo on televisions that meet CTA’s 8K UHD definition.
  • Each company that licenses the 8K UHD logo evaluates its own products against the definition and decides which products are compliant for logo use. CTA does not certify televisions for logo use.

Further information on the 8K logo certification program is available at the CTA’s website.

By Greg Tarr

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