LG 4K OLED TV Wins TV Shootout For 4th Consecutive Year

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ISF President Joel Silver discusses the 2017 TV Shootout Criteria during CE Week Wednesday.

LG’s OLED TV technology, represented this year by the 65-inch OLED65E7P, continued to take top honors in the Annual TV Shootout during the CE Week Show in New York by sweeping three categories in votes by a panel of expert judges, Thursday.

The LG 65-inch Signature Series E7P OLED TV ($4,797) won best television for 2017 for studio lighting/home theater, HDR viewing and for streaming video presentation. It was one of six televisions selected to compete.

This marked the fourth consecutive year an LG OLED TV had come out on top in voting during the Shootout event. In prior years, the TVs had been crowned King of TV by the shootout event originator.

Read more about the 2017 TV Shootout at CE Week after the jump:

This year, the Shootout was organized and licensed by CE Week management with the blessing of “TV Shootout” event creator Robert Zohn, proprietor of the Scardsdale, NY-specialty retail chain Value Electronics, who attended the event.

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Prior to the voting, TV Shootout overseers from CE Week and the Imaging Science Foundation explained that Zohn’s status as a retailer generated some criticism (and headaches for Zohn) from industry parties, making it advantageous to have neutral third parties, like CE Week Show management and some of the ISF’s founding members — Joel Silver and Kevin Miller – along with input from representatives from Portrait Displays/SpectraCal (CalMan software) and Murideo (test pattern generators), preside over the set-up, calibration and judging parameters.

To ensure an equal playing field for all manufacturers every TV in the Shootout was purchased at retail by CE Week Show organizers, and calibrated independently by Silver and Miller.

Six premium televisions from five manufacturers — LG, Sony (2), Samsung, Vizio and Westinghouse — were presented. Competing models included the LG 65E7P, Sony 65-inch Bravia A1E OLED TV ($4,998), Sony 65-inch XBR-65Z9D LED full-array backlit LCD TV ($5,498), Samsung 65-inch QN65Q9F 4K QLED edge-lit LCD TV ($3,998), the Vizio 65-inch P65-E1 XLED ($1,699) 4K full-array backlit LCD TV and a soon-shipping Westinghouse 65-inch 4K LED direct-backlit Fire TV.

The Westinghouse Fire TV was the only model in the lineup that was not intended to support HDR. Pricing was not announced on the Westinghouse model.

The three categories selected for judging were determined by the way consumers watch TV. These included bright-room (studio) and dark room (home theater) viewing, HDR viewing, and streaming content viewing, which represents the primary way (so far) viewers watch native 4K Ultra HD/HDR content. Judges, who were selected from the content production and CE technical fields, rated each TV based on several criteria including, perceived contrast ratio, color saturation and color volume, colorimetry, motion artifacts and others.

Judges were given measurement readouts taken by Silver and Miller to use as a reference before making assessments of how the televisions presented pictures for the various criteria.

“The honor of being awarded the overall top performer at the CE Week TV Shootout for the 4th consecutive year underscores LG’s commitment to delivering the absolute best TV technology in the industry, period,” said Tim Alessi, senior director, product marketing for home entertainment at LG Electronics. “Our 2017 OLED TVs are the ultimate expression of a cinema-quality experience in the home, being the first TVs in the market to offer stunning image reproduction and add Dolby Atmos sound quality to complete the home theater experience.”

The winning LG OLED65E7 TV combines a picture-on-glass design, Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound and Ultra HD Premium high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities.


By Greg Tarr


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  • AnUnwrittenPast

    I was able to attend the shootout this year and by far everything you are spewing is incorrect, OLED is obviously going to win everytime hands down because its the better display technology. The Z9 looked outstanding even in dark segments but couldnt withstand the OLED Black Levels, but the Samsung Q9 was absolutely terrible in dark segments, I mean the Vizio trumped it dramatically. Now the Westinghouse on the other hand, Why???

  • Joe Moma

    The Value Electronis Shootout is just another OLED circle jerk. The LCDs were not put into daytime mode for the bright room viewing segment. They do everything to make sure the OLEDs wins because they love lights out dark room viewing, when more than 80% of consumers watch with some ambient light in the room.
    Don’t even get me started on 65″ being considered home theater. At one time 65″ was adequate, but now it would be the minimum size most would accept.
    As for the Samsung Q9 it is way overpriced and under performing. I really think they though they were going to have QDCF (Quantum Dot Color Filters) ready to go, but had trouble and had to just throw these sets out there. Once QDCF LCD comes out next year it will do most things better than OLED and will be worth the higher price.
    The Hisense 75H10D/MU9600U has the same 3rd Gen QDs as the Samsung Q9 with a proper 560 zone FALD backlight. It should outperform the ZD9 at a cheaper price point and is probably the best all around display for 2017.

    If you want the real best all around displays:
    Hisense 75H10D/75MU9600
    Sony 75ZD9
    LG 65 or 77 E7
    Sony AE1

    If 65″ is good enough and you are in Europe:
    Panasonic 65″ OLED
    LG 65E7
    Sony 65AE1
    Panasonic 65DX900
    TCL 65X1

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