LG 65EC9700-Front-Infill 580

LG officially announced the pricing of its first UHD 4K OLEDs. The 65-inch 65EC9700 which was scheduled to be (UPP) priced $6999 has been re-priced at $9999 (see screen shots after the break). It’s also been delayed to mid October shipping. The 77-inch 77EG9700 4K OLED is priced $25,000. In addition, LG  expands its UHD 4K LED LCD line with screen sizes of 40- to 105-inches priced from $999 to $99,999. Read all the details and analysis after the break.

4K OLED Price Increase

When we published our article on July 28th revealing the price of $6999 for the 65-inch LG 65EC9700 with  our retail sources accepting pre-orders for it. The top screen grab was taken for verification. As you see in the photo, this is an authorized LG dealer. This past Thursday (bottom photo) the price was bumped up.

LG 65EC9700 $6999LG 65EC9700 $9999


According to published reports and industry sources, the LG 4K OLEDs are only going to be offered by custom installers and regional dealers. When we checked with Best Buy last week, neither model was available for pre-order. We surmise LG is having production problems with the 4K models, which is why the price increase and a limited number of dealers will have them available. Until LG can get its yields up, the prices will remain high and out of the reach of most consumers.

Big  OLED Price Drop

Unlike the 4K model production problems, supplies of the latest LG 1080p 55-inch OLED 55EC9300 appear to be excellent and now available from Amazon.

There is now a temporary price drop in the form of an $500 instant rebate starting this Sunday. At the new price of $2999, it’s an 80% decrease from the 1st generation $15,000 introductory price. We have a 55EC9300 in our test lab and plan to publish a review very soon. Click the link for the Amazon listing.

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New LED LCD UHD 4K models

LG 105UC9-Front-Screenfill 580


The 98-inch and above have direct LED back lighting with local dimming. Here are the prices and models features available as stated in LG’s press release:


  • 105UC9 Series – Boasting a subtly curved 8.75-foot (105”) diagonal screen with an 11 million pixel (5120 x 2160) resolution, this immersive TV is designed to deliver magnificent picture quality and a wide viewing angle with the ability to render the minutest detail. The screen matches the 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio that many movies are filmed in, virtually eliminating the black bars commonly visible with content played from Blu-ray and DVD sources on conventional flat-panel TVs. It also features LG’s proprietary picture quality enhancing technologies including direct LED lighting with local dimming, wide viewing angles thanks to LG’s IPS panel technology, and an Ultra Clarity Index (UCI) of 1560 for smooth motion. Additionally, it’s equipped to display native 4K content with the latest HDMI inputs and H.265 decoding and features LG’s Tru-4K Engine Pro upscaler for a 4K experience even with non-4K content. The set is also equipped with LG’s Smart TV + webOS™ platform. For impressive sound, the TV includes a 7.2 channel, 150W speaker system designed by harman/kardon. The 105UC9 will be available in November at a suggested price of $99,999.


  • 98UB9800 – With a massive 98-inch class (97.5 inches diagonal) screen, the UB9800 is designed to meet the needs of consumers that demand larger screen sizes and improved sound to match 2160p resolution. This 16:9 Ultra HD 4K TV, with a screen that’s over 8 feet diagonal, features LG’s proprietary picture quality enhancing technologies including direct LED lighting with local dimming, wide viewing angles thanks to LG’s IPS panel technology, and an Ultra Clarity Index (UCI) of 1560 for smooth motion. Ready to display native 4K content, it features multiple HDMI inputs,265 decoding, Tru-4K Engine Pro and Smart TV+ webOS. The 9800 series also features a 5.2 channel 120W audio system by harman/kardon. The 98-inch model will be available in November for a suggested price of $39,999. The UB9800 series also includes 65-inch class (64.5-inch diagonal), 79-inch class (78.5-inch diagonal) and 84-inch class (84.0-inch diagonal) screen sizes.


In addition to these two new massive screen sizes, LG announced three new series: UB9200, UB8200 and UB8000. The new models in the LG Ultra HD 4K family are the 65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) 65UB9200; the UB8200 series, available in 60-, 55- and 49-inch class sizes (59.5, 54.6 and 48.5 inch diagonal); and the 40-inch class (39.5 inches diagonal) 40UB8000. All feature the latest HDMI connectivity, H.265 decoding and LG’s Tru-4K Engine. Additionally, these models include LG’s Smart TV platform for access to 4K programming, and many other content options from the most popular on-line content providers.


Series, Models and Suggested Prices plus links to Amazon’s prices:


UC9 Series

105-inch class Model 105UC9, $99,999.99


UB9800 Series

98-inch class Model 98UB9800, $39,999.99

84-inch class Model 84UB9800, $9,999.99

79-inch class Model 79UB9800 , $7,999.99

65-inch class Model 65UB9800, $4,499.99


UB9500 Series

65-inch class Model 65UB9500 ,  $3,499.99 Now $2799.00 Amazon direct

55-inch class Model 55UB9500,  $2,499.99 Now $1999.00 Amazon direct



65-inch class Model 65UB9200, $2,999.99


UB8500 Series

55-inch class Model 55UB8500, $1,999.99 Now $1699.00 Amazon direct

49-inch class Model 49UB8500, $1,499.99 Now $1299.00 Amazon direct


UB8200 Series

60-inch class Model 60UB8200, $2,499.99

55-inch class Model 55UB8200, $1,799.99

49-inch class Model 49UB8200, $1,349.99


UB8000 Series

40-inch class Model 40UB8000,  $999.99 Video & Audio Center via Amazon


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