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Update: Mitsubishi converter to be incompatible with Samsung TVs (link)

Mitsubishi’s upcoming 3D converter box will be compatible with 2007 and 2008 Samsung 3D ready DLP rear projectors and plasma TVs, in addition to the Mitsubishi 3D compatible rear projectors, according to an industry source. Mitsubishi and Samsung previously sold about 4 million HDTVs in the US as “only” 3D compatible with games using a 3D capable PC.

The Mitsubishi adaptor converts the over/under 3D Blu-ray signals for display on these pre-2010 3D capable TVs. A Mitsubishi spokesman said its converter will operate with other 3D formats and resolutions too, including those to be used by DirecTV on its three 3D satellite channels launching this June. The legacy 1080p 3D capable HDTVs will display all 3D content at a maximum resolution of 960 x 1080, the same as DirecTVs upcoming 3D signals.  The 3D legacy DLPs display exactly one-half the resolution of 3D Blu-ray player, and provide excellent 3D image reproduction. We saw the adaptor demoed at January’s CES.

The Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 adaptor box will ship this spring, rumored to sell for around $100 .

Samsung no longer sells glasses or IR emitters necessary for viewing 3D on its legacy HDTV 3D displays.  Don’t fret, IO Display Systems in California makes 3D shutter glasses specifically for these earlier Samsung 3D TVs along with the IR emitters required for 3DTV viewing. IO sells their shutter glasses for $59.99 a pair or you can buy them in discounted packages. The two pair 3D glasses package with the IR emitter sells for just $111.75. Add on a 3D Blu-ray player and/or a subscribed DirecTV HD box to your legacy 3D Samsung  with the Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 adapter box and you’re set for 3D sports, movies and programs.

Here is link to the IO Display store and a link to a list of all the 3D compatible 2007 and 2008 model Samsungs and Mitsubishis.

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