Legacy Samsung 3D TV Owners Will Soon Be Able to View 3D Blu-ray Discs and 3D DirecTV

March 7th, 2010 · 47 Comments · 3D HDTV, Blu-ray Players, DLP, News, Plasma

hyundai 3d_s465d

Update: Mitsubishi converter to be incompatible with Samsung TVs (link)

Mitsubishi’s upcoming 3D converter box will be compatible with 2007 and 2008 Samsung 3D ready DLP rear projectors and plasma TVs, in addition to the Mitsubishi 3D compatible rear projectors, according to an industry source. Mitsubishi and Samsung previously sold about 4 million HDTVs in the US as “only” 3D compatible with games using a 3D capable PC.

The Mitsubishi adaptor converts the over/under 3D Blu-ray signals for display on these pre-2010 3D capable TVs. A Mitsubishi spokesman said its converter will operate with other 3D formats and resolutions too, including those to be used by DirecTV on its three 3D satellite channels launching this June. The legacy 1080p 3D capable HDTVs will display all 3D content at a maximum resolution of 960 x 1080, the same as DirecTVs upcoming 3D signals.  The 3D legacy DLPs display exactly one-half the resolution of 3D Blu-ray player, and provide excellent 3D image reproduction. We saw the adaptor demoed at January’s CES.

The Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 adaptor box will ship this spring, rumored to sell for around $100 .

Samsung no longer sells glasses or IR emitters necessary for viewing 3D on its legacy HDTV 3D displays.  Don’t fret, IO Display Systems in California makes 3D shutter glasses specifically for these earlier Samsung 3D TVs along with the IR emitters required for 3DTV viewing. IO sells their shutter glasses for $59.99 a pair or you can buy them in discounted packages. The two pair 3D glasses package with the IR emitter sells for just $111.75. Add on a 3D Blu-ray player and/or a subscribed DirecTV HD box to your legacy 3D Samsung  with the Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 adapter box and you’re set for 3D sports, movies and programs.

Here is link to the IO Display store and a link to a list of all the 3D compatible 2007 and 2008 model Samsungs and Mitsubishis.

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  • How to Do It


    To Watch 3D Blu Ray Discs you need 2 Things:

    1. Any Panasonic BDT 3D Blu Ray Player
    2. MonsterVision 3D Glasses Starter Kit

    Both can be purchased at any Fry’s Electronics Store. HAPPY VIEWING.

  • Rob

    The Panasonic BDT100 also outputs checkerboard format 3D…and it’s only $150…

  • Brian's Mission

    Join my facebook page “Samsung 3d DLP Lie” I am trying to make some noise against Samsung for leaving us out in the cold!

  • Rob

    I have a 2007 Samsung 3d-ready TV / emitter and the Panasonic DMP-BDT300/350 models output the checkerboard format, the TV only converts ONE of the 3 HDMI inputs for 3D viewing, so you have to swap cables if you are also using a PC to view 3D Content (and most people are in that boat if they bought these earlier 3D TVs to watch 3D) through the same 3D-capable HDMI input.

  • Luke Mokkosian

    Hi, any chance this convertor will work with Comcast 3D programing, Thanks

  • Carl

    The glasses have nothing to do with this converter. They work with DLP’s, so you are fine. Since you already have glasses, you can get the
    3DA-1 for $99(the 3DC-1000 is a kit). Everything will work fine.

    @zo Badie
    No, unless you get the panasonic blu ray player that supports checkerboard output.

  • dave-p

    I have the Mitsubishi 3D-Ready DLP-TV and wanted to get the new 3DC-1000 Kit. I also have 2 NVidia 3D Vision Glasses. Would it work with the 3DC-1000? Are they compatible? Thanks for any replies.

  • Frank

    Does anyone know if the new Samsung 3D bd C6900 player outputs a checkerboard signal?

  • Gord

    1) Mits converter will not work with Samsung
    2) As far as I know the Panasonic 3D Blueray players are the only ones that will work directly with the Samsung w/o a converter as they can output checkerboard.
    3)REALD makes a converter that will work with Samsung but so far I’m not sure if it will work with Directv 3D. Reald doesn’t think it will work until Directv adds it to their system of recognized equipment, plus It cost $500.

  • Paul

    Hi I have a Samsung PS50A457P1D. will this show 3D with a convertor. If so which 1 and how much. Thanks

  • zo badie

    i have a DLP LED -3d ready Samsung. can i just buy a 3d blu ray and will it work?

  • Sean

    With 3D really starting to come around Im finding it difficult to determine exactly what items I need to buy. I have the Samsung HL61A750 (61″ LED Rear Projection), which claims 3D ready. I also have the PS3 Slim. According to E3 2010 coverage, all PS3 are receiving firmware to enable 3D.

    So with the above in mind what do I need to start 3D gaming and movies viewing? Is the Mits 3DC-1000 starter kit what I need? Do I need other hardware in addition?

  • Chris in Gulf Shores

    I have a question about my Samsung PN63A650T1F. In the past I have seen people say it is 3d compatible but I can’t find it on any list of TV’s that say it is. If you could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

  • scooterbaga

    @John in Gretna

    I’m thinking it’s Mitsubishi you should be upset with.

  • Kathleen

    I am being given a choice of a:

    1. Samsung 55 inch 1080p LCD HD TV plus 5.1 Channel 1000W 1-Disc Bu-Ray Home Theater System.


    2. Samsung 50 inch 1080p 3D Ready TV, 3D Blu Ray Player and a pair of Rechargeable 3D Adult glasses.
    I am tempted at receiving the Samsung 50 inch 1080p 3D Ready TV but can I also just watch regular television with this 3D TV?


  • samsung love!!

    Well that sucks i just bought the led t.v UNB467100, Im very happy with this so far , haven’t seen the 3d t.vs yet but from what I’ve heard they are not all that great for the price, I might think about buying 1 later down the road when they go down in price

  • John in Gretna

    It won’t work with Samsung. The adaptor is available now at http://www.4electronicwarehouse.com/products/mitsubishi/3dc-1000-3d-starter-pack-reviews.html
    Unfortunately it was altered specifically to block the SAMSUNG legacy DLP TVs.
    Like many of us, I’m beyond disgusted. I bought the “3D-Ready” SAMSUNG HL61A750. Within a month of buying it, the glasses were discontinued, and they dropped any pretense of support.
    If MITSI can do it, SAMSUNG can to. The adaptor cannot be that difficult to construct. I hope that some enterprising brain out there can make an adaptor that converts the SAMSUNG EDID to a MITSI EDID so the 3D adaptor thinks its connecting to a MITSI TV.
    I’m just grabbing at straws, but if they won’t support the folks that were the early adopters of the SAMSUNG 3D effort, I won’t buy anything SAMSUNG again.

  • Darrin

    HD Guru
    by reading some of these posts, will the mits 3DC-1000 work with my HL61a750 DLP LED -3d ready Samsung. Some posts are saying that Mitsubishi announced that it will not work with Samsungs older model 3d tvs. If it does, am I understanding correctly that once the 3dc-1000 is purchased, a computer will not be needed, and I can buy the lastest Samsung 3D blu ray player and if connected porperly it will work. The glasses in the new 3d kit are they compatible or do I need to still get the IR emmiter along with the other glasses for $117.00. I am glad I am not the only one who purchased a Samsung and then got screwed over by them with the lack of support. Thanks in advance for your help. One more – who will sell this Mits 3DC-1000 – Best Buy? or will this be an online buy. Hopefully someone will package it all together, save on shipping.

  • paul

    anybody know the latest on ps3 if i will be checkerboard compatible? haven’t heard any latest after they might have a manual setting for 3d?

  • paul

    The panasonic is suppose to be checkerboard compatible.

  • John

    Is there any 3d bluray players that are checkerboard?

  • John

    Does anyone know if Directv’s 3d will be in checkerboard? I heard it will be,and if it is then i dont need the 3dc adaptor for my mitsubishi 73c9 right?
    and is there any bluray players then are checkerboard?


  • rob

    The adapter is NOT going to work on Samsungs….Mitsubishi announced this in the last week or two….Samsung owners are screwed.

  • 3d

    This adaptor is a great idea for those that can’t afford the launch prices of the new 3d tvs soon to be released.

  • Unlock a Wii

    This is awesome.

    3D is certainly the way to go.

  • Big Lar

    I just left message regarding the mitsu 3dc-1000 box not working on Samsungs. Which way is it, will it work on Sammy’s DLP’s or not?

  • Chris

    I have a Samsung PS50B451 50″ 3D-ready plasma, which I currently use for watching 3D movies via my PC. My problem is that this plasma will only display 3D at 1360×768 or 1024×768. Will this converter box downscale the 1080p 3D bluray to 1360×768? If not, the only options I have are (a) to cross my fingers and hope that Samsung relase a firmware upgrade for my TV to allow 3D Bluray playback directly, (b) to hope that Samsung will release a 3D Bluray player that is compatible with my TV or (and at the moment this is looking most likely) (c) to rip the bluray onto my hard drive, down-convert it myself, save it in AVI-HD format and play it via my PC. I sincerely hope it’s not the latter!

  • tucsondave

    Here is an email response from Samsung regarding my old 3d ready DLP tv compatability:

    “Yes, Blu-ray player BD-C6900 will work with the TV HL-T6176S and you can also use the 3D glasses.
    Yes, the Blu-Ray player BD-C6900 will play field-sequential 3D DVD’s”

  • John

    Thanks Carl
    What about when directv come out with there 3d channels?

  • Carl

    That is correct. The new samsung blu ray player will not work on your tv unless you get the Mitz 3dc-1000 converter. If you want to use the 3d function right now, you have a few options. First, Avatar the game on Xbox 360 can be played with the checkerboard output (this is the format dlp’s use for 3d). If you have a gaming computer, you can play basically any pc game in 3d. In addition, you can buy 3D movies (not anaglyph) that can be streamed from your pc to your tv. If you need more information, check out tridef.com, mtbs3d.com, http://www.my3d2u.com

  • John

    I have a question..I have a new mitsubishi wd73c9
    Will i need a adaptor?, i have bought the glasses and an emitter i was told the samsung 3d bluray will not work on my tv?



    The HD66 was supposed to have supported Checkerboard, but early reports from those that have tried it state otherwise.

    I’d be all over that front projector solution. It’s not just checkerboard, but it has to be checkerboard at 1080p/60…

  • Eric

    im wondering if this adapter will work with optoma hd66 3d ready projector?

  • jnga

    1)will the mitsu adapter pass thru hdmi audio, particularly multi-channel LPCMm or DDTrueHD/DTS-MA? 2)will the checkerboard 3d video output of the mitsu adapter pass thru an HDMI switching receiver to the tv?

    if yes to both, then the mitsu adapter will solve the 3d HDMI switching receiver problem by placing the mitsu adapter between the 3d BD player and the receiver, right?

  • gh

    i have a question mitsubishi has a laser tv 65 inch is only 120mhz but is 3d i want to know is that tv capable of showing u the full 1920×1080 p in 3d asfar as i know u need over 240 mhz to get that only plasma can give you so far that but what about laser i want to buy one of those and if anyone know if they will make more productions stoped for a while already

  • Jack

    Carl thank you I think your right, I will just wait for the big 3D TV thank you

  • oceanwaves

    Looks like I have to wait for the 2010 tv’s to come out if I want full resolution. I’m wondering if an older TV will look obviously 1/2 resolution and it will affect the clarity in a way that can be noticed greatly, or if maybe it won’t look much different. Some DVD’s look high def to me for example. I guess it could still be pretty sharp, but I still would like to reach full resolution.

  • oceanwaves

    I’m wondering if this will work with Comcasts upcoming 3d channels. I was going to get a current Mitsubishi, but now may wait until their 2010 models come out since it seems like the older ones will only get 1/2 resolution. And yes, I know about Samsung TV’s other techs etc since I’ve done lots of research. I’ve made up my mind I want an 82 or 73 inch dlp for a big room, so that’s that. So now I wonder if their 2010 models will natively support this 3d format, or I will still need the box and only get 1/2 resolution. If so, I may wait even longer. But my old CRT projection TV is almost shot. The green aliens with blue fuzzy hair on my screen are American Idol contestants!! ;-)

  • Carl

    The 58″ plasma, model no. PN58A550, will work with the 3DC-1000. If the 63″ is 3D ready (it’s not on the 3D ready list), then that will work with it as well. If you are financially able to spend more money, I would wait until you can get the new Samsung 3D plasma.

  • Carl

    The new tvs will be able to display 1080P (1920×1080) to each eye. The Samsung you have can display a 1080P image, but only 960×1080 to each eye. That is the first difference. Secondly, the new tvs will be able to display 3D content without an external converter/software.

  • Sam

    I have a Samsung HL67A750 3D Capable TV. I was wondering how this TV will compare to some of the new 3D TVs coming out in a few days.
    Thank you.

  • Jack

    HI… I am looking at the samsung 58 inch plasma or the 63 inch plasma.. will they work witht the M 3DC-1000 box?? or do I wait for the 3D samsungs to come out. Thank You

  • Bill

    Any chance nVidia’s 3d Vision will work with 3DC-1000?

  • Dave

    Oh thank you. Sorry got a little preoccupied with xpand 102 that don’t need emitter but way to expensive. Thanks

  • David S.

    To Dave,
    The 3DC-1000 adapter allows the tv to display the 3d content. The IR emitter works with the 3d glasses you will need to see the 3d content in 3d.

  • Dave

    I have a samsung HL67A750 and a PS3. So I will need to purchase the 3dc 1000 and the IR emitter. Just curious what function the emitter plays in 3d function?

  • Unlock Wii

    This is great.

    3D is truly the way to go.

    After the success of Avatar, Everyone is going to
    want to get a 3D television.

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