Update ! New China-based TV brand LeEco revealed Tuesday that LeEco ecophones and ecotvs will be available for purchase from select national retailers including Best Buy (in store and online); Target.com and Amazon.

The company will sell its products through more than 100 retail store locations across the U.S. beginning Dec. 1st.

According to a LeEco representative, the ecotvs will be sold only on Amazon.com. Best Buy and Target are carrying the ecophones.

The announcement comes one day after AT&T unveiled its DirecTV Now live over the top (OTT) streaming pay-TV service, which will be offered as an app on select LeEco TVs and smartphones along with a free introductory period ranging from three months to one year depending on the device and model.

LeEco staged a brand relaunch in the U.S. this summer, offering its products directly through the company’s Lemall.com ecommerce store, which will remain active, including 24/7-service operation effective today and recently offered a series of flash sales on products for the Black Friday promotional period.

The distribution expansion gives LeEco ecophones significant visibility in select Best Buy stores across the country.

Read more on the LeEco retail distribution expansion and DirecTV Now promotion after the jump:

Under the DirecTV Now promotional offer, consumers who purchase LeEco products prior to January 5 will receive a complimentary subscription to DirecTV Now. These deals include the following:

  • 3 months of DirecTV Now free with the purchase of an ecophone (Le S3 or Le Pro3), or a Super4 X43 Pro ecotv.
  • 6 months of DirecTV Now free with the purchase of a Super4 X55 or Super4 X65 ecotv
  • 12 months of DirecTV Now free with the purchase of a uMax85 ecotv.

LeEco said it is also continuing its LeRewards offer, which provides additional discounts on purchases from retailers and on LeMall.com. In addition, customers who sign up for LeEco’s User Planning to User (UP2U) program receive an $80 rebate from LeRewards on an ecophone, and up to a $1,000 rebate on an ecotv.

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With LeEco’s UP2U program, individuals share feedback with LeEco via user trials and on-device apps to co-create the experience in next-generation LeEco products.


By Greg Tarr


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