With its planned acquisition of Vizio in the rear view mirror, LeEco is hitting the throttle on marketing efforts in the United States behind its LeEco-branded TVs, smartphones and accessories.

The company, which continues to bear the brunt of press reports challenging its ability to meet sales projections and build its consumer electronics lines in the United States in the wake of the Vizio deal collapse, said it nevertheless continues to expand its retail presence online and in brick-and-mortar retail accounts around the country. It is also launching an aggressive Tax Refund promotion on its www.LeEco.com web site beginning Friday.

The company recently streamlined its direct marketing presence online by ditching its LeMall.com web site in the United States, shifting all marketing communication and e-commerce activities through LeEco.com. In a statement, the company said the streamlining effort was the result of negative feedback through its UP2U initiative from customers displeased with the company’s bifurcated web effort.

Elsewhere, LeEco said it added discount store giant Walmart, which will carry the Le Pro3 and Le S3 smartphones on Walmart.com. Walmart is a key distribution partner for Vizio and an obvious distribution target for LeEco through the intended Vizio acquisition.

Read more on LeEco’s CE marketing efforts and its Tax Refund promotions after the jump:

At the same time, the LeEco said its Super4 X65 4K Ultra HDTV, Le Pro3 and Le S3 smartphones will be featured items on the Electronics Connection segment of TV retailer HSN. The LeEco Super4 X43, X55 and X65, Le Pro3 and Le S3 are also being sold on HSN.com.

Meanwhile, LeEco continues to work with previously announced retailers including Amazon.com, Target.com, Best Buy (in-store and online), Fry’s (in-store and online), BrandsMart USA (in-store and online) and Red Pocket Mobile.  It is also selling its entire product catalog on its own ecommerce portal, LeMall.com.

To further building its brand and product awareness, LeEco has kicked off a Tax Refund promotion, inviting consumers to spend some of their returned hard-earned cash on new LeEco phones, 4K Ultra HDTVs and accessories purchased from www.LeEco.com.

A LeEco spokesman told us: “These deals are available through our LeEco.com ecommerce site.  Our retail partners also may choose to follow some of our instant rebates but it will depend on their choice.”

Beginning April 14th through 11:59 p.m. EDT April 18th, LeEco.com, and possible other retail partners, will offer special instant rebates on smartphones and TVs, including $50 off the Le Pro3, $30 off the Le S3, and $200 off our Super4 X65 and X55 smart TVs. All smartphone and TV purchases also include a three-month subscription to DirecTV NOW, which includes 60+ channels.

In addition, a promotion called “Spin the LeEco Wheel” will offer chances for even bigger savings. On the promo landing page, the user hits the “SPIN NOW” button to be taken to the wheel.  There he/she can spin three times a day and the winning selection is added to his/her account (participants need to be signed up for a LeEco account and logged in).  The coupons are applied to the user’s cart and are on top of the other instant rebates already offered.

4K UHD and HDTVs

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Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Set-Top Media Adapter with Alexa

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Echo Voice Controlled Wireless Speaker and Home System Interface

Amazon Echo Dot Voice Controlled Home System Interface

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Best Selling Blu-ray Players

Lucky spins can win an additional $20 off smartphones, $50 to $150 off X65 and X55 TVs, and $1,000 off the 85-inch uMax85 4K Ultra HD television.

During the promotion period LeEco’s Le S3 smartphone will be offered for $169 (following a $30 instant rebate) and purchasers will receive three months of DirecTV NOW live over-the-top streaming TV service.

The Le Pro3 will run $299 (after a $50 instant rebate) and will offer three months of DirecTV NOW. In smart TV promotions, LeEco will offer the 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Super4 X55 for $599 (after a $200 instant rebate) and purchasers receive three months of DirecTV NOW.

The 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Super4 X65 will run $1,199 (after a $200 instant rebate) and purchasers will receive three months of DirecTV NOW.

In accessories, Le Eco will offer during the promotional period All Metal Earphones for just $11.99 (after an $8 instant rebate).

Bluetooth Headphones EB20 (black) will run $14.99 (after a $25 instant rebate).

Through Spin To Win Coupons users can win an additional $20 off phones, an additional $50 off the Super4 X55 4K Ultra HDTV; an additional $150 off the Super4 X65 4K Ultra HDTV; $1,000 of the 85-inch uMax85 4K Ultra HDTV; and $20 off CDLA Earphones.


By Greg Tarr


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