Samsung is preparing to launch many of the 2020 8K and 4K Ultra HD TVs announced at or just prior to CES 2020 last month. Thanks to some dealer price lists we managed to get a hold of, we are listing model numbers, prices and some of the key feature sets to give you a chance to prepare.

Most models will begin shipping to retailers in the March and April time frames, but prices most assuredly will be lowered as the year goes by.

Before we begin: the models that were available for demonstation (mostly the 8Ks) at CES looked very impressive both in picture performance and design, although the company has reportedly reduced the number of dimming zones from last year in most of the 4K Ultra HD classes. We could not get Samsung to confirm this, and from the scant optimized demo material played at the show, that was hard to verify. We hope to give you more detailed verification shortly.

As we observed in our CES 2020 coverage, Samsung’s focus this year is on growing the premium-level QLED performance into more mainstream market segments. That supposedly means more televisions with greater peak brightness levels and higher color volume at more affordable price points.

The biggest difference in the QLED models this year is in design. 2020 QLED TVs will have a more powerful processor and minor improvements to the Tizen-based smart TV platform. Select QLED sets will feature a new nearly bezel-less infinity screen that makes the screen appear not to have a border when viewed straight on from typical seating distances. Other models in the series also have reduced panel depths, and with the exception of the flagship 8K TV and some Lifestyle TVs, most series now eliminate the outboard One Connect connection box that has caused installation complications for some customers and custom installers.

In 8K this year, Samsung will offer three different series of products, while at the same time lowering the cost of entry for 8K enthusiasts. In the United States, 2020 8K Ultra models are offered in he Q950TS, Q900TS, and Q800T series. The flagship Q950TS series features the aforementioned infinity screen look.

The step-down Q900T series is a version of the Q950T without the One Connect box. Samsung is adding next generation codecs, including AV1 alongside HEVC, to support new forthcoming 8K compression systems intended to make viewing online 8K more efficient and practical.

The 8K UHD models will include Samsung’s powerful new “Quantum Processor 8K” that helps to power the AI upscaling system and minimizes replication of image artifacts that can reduce clarity, sharpness, background noise, etc. The entry 8K lineup is the Q800T, which offers a range of more affordable models in screen sizes including 65, 75, and 82 inches.

Select Samsung 4K and 8K models will also incorporate the Ultra HD Alliance’s new Filmmaker Mode, which is a group of picture settings optimized for watching movies and shows as the content producers intended. When activiated, the mode automatically disables the heavy motion smoothing post-processing effect and preserves the original colors, aspect ratios, and frame rates of typically film-based movie content.

The 2020 8K models will reportedly have HDMI 2.1 inputs. In 4K Ultra HDTVs for 2020, Samsung is including support for the following HDMI 2.1 features on HDMI Type A ports: ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR, FreeSync). Use of eARC was unclear.

Pricing below reflects internally released opening Minimum Advertized Prices (MAP)/Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP) prices. Dealers can sell these sets for more but are obligated not to advertise lower prices. Prices might appear higher, and at times lower, depending on an individual retailer’s policies and the manufacturer’s promotions over the course of the year.

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All series with a “Q” in the model number are so-called QLED models, meaning they feature quantum dot color enhancement film that expands the color gamut beyond 90% of UHDA P3 coverage with higher peak brightness and color volume potential than most non-QLED LED/LCD models.

Additionally, this years “Samsung Lifestyle” TV series, including The Frame, Serif and Sero models is included below:

Samsung U.S. 8K Ultra HD QLED LED-LCD TVs

Q950T Series:

Key features: 8K UHD QLED Panel; AI Quantum Processor 8K; nearly bezel-less design; innovative speaker system; object tracking sound; HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG high dynamic range (HDR);

85-inch QN 85Q950T $12,999 MAP/UPP, March

Q900T Series:

Key features: 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 QLED Panel; Quantum HDR 12X / HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG; Motion Rate 240 Technology; FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate; full-array LED back lighting with zone dimming.

85-inch QN85Q900T $9,999 MAP/UPP, March
75-inch QN75Q900T $7,499 MAP/UPP, March
65-inch QN65Q900T $5,499 MAP/UPP, March

Q800T Series:

Key features: 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 QLED Panel; Quantum HDR 12X / HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG; Motion Rate 240 echnology; FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate; full-array LED back lighting with zone dimming.

82-inch QN82Q800T $6,999 MAP/UPP
75-inch QN75Q800T $4,999 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65Q800T $3,499 MAP/UPP

Samsung U.S. 4K Ultra HD QLED LED-LCD TVs
Q90T Series:

85-inch QN85Q90T $5,299 MAP/UPP
75-inch QN75Q90T $3,799 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65Q90T $2,499 MAP/UPP
55-inch QN55Q90T $1,799 MAP/UPP

Q80T Series:

The Samsung Q80T series “Boundless” design

Key features: 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 QLED Panel; Quantum HDR 12X / HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG; Motion Rate 240 Technology; FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate; “Boundless Design” styling; Active Voice Amplifer that analyzes ambient noise and auto adjust voice levels in the scene for clearer dialog; full-array LED back lighting with zone dimming for precise brightness control.

85-inch QN85Q80T $3,999 MAP/UPP
75-inch QN75Q80T $2,799 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65Q80T $1,799 MAP/UPP
55-inch QN55Q80T $1,299 MAP/UPP
49-inch QN49Q80T $1,099 MAP/UPP

Q70T Series:

Key features: 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 QLED Panel; 4K Quantum processor; HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG; Motion Rate 240 Technology; FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate; “Dual LED” edge lighting with dedicated warm and cool LED backlights that adjust the contrast and color tone.

85-inch QN85Q70T $3,299 MAP/UPP
82-inch QN82Q70T $2,999 MAP/UPP
75-inch QN75Q70T $2,199 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65Q70T $1,299 MAP/UPP
55-inch QN55Q70T $999 MAP/UPP

Q60T Series:

Key features: 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 QLED Panel; Quantum processor 4K lite; HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG; Motion Rate 240 Technology; boundless design stylie; FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate; Dual LED edge lighting.

85-inch QN85Q60T $2,699 MAP/UPP
75-inch QN75Q60T $1,699 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65Q60T $999 MAP/UPP
58-inch QN58Q60T $449 MAP/UPP
55-inch QN55Q60T $699 MAP/UPP
50-inch QN50Q60T $649 MAP/UPP
43-inch QN43Q60T $529 MAP/UPP

LS05T 2020 4K UHD “Sero TV”:

The Sero TV is Samsung’s trick lifestyle television that sits on a special floor stand, enabling the screen to rotate using an electric motor from portrait to landscape mode for optimally displaying images from mobile devices shot in either style. Using an app, the screen rotates in sync with the positioning of a linked mobile device or via a remote control command.

43-inch QN43LS05T $1,999 MAP/UPP, April 27th

LS03T 2020 “The Frame” 4K TV Series:

Samsung continues to present its series of popular TVs designed to makes LED-LCD TVs look like framed pictures. The company supports the look by providing downloads of static photos and famous artworks that can be displayed on screen when not in use. It also includes the Ambient Mode that has been offered in the past (and that is included in many Samsung smart TVs today as well) to display static screen elements that help the screen blend in with the colors and textures of the surrounding room. The Frame TVs can be hung on a wall or mounted on an easle-like stand. Samsung offers a variety of different colored picture-frame bezels that can be added to the TV to complete the look. The Frame TVs are based on QLED quantum dot technology and edge lit panels.

75-inch QN75LS03T $2,999 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65LS03T $1,999 MAP/UPP
55-inch QN55LS03T $1,499 MAP/UPP
50-inch QN50LS03T $1,299 MAP/UPP
43-inch QN43LS03T $999 MAP/UPP
32-inch QN32LS03T $599 MAP/UPP

LS01T 2020 4K “Serif Lifestyle TV” Series:

The Serif is another Lifestyle TV designed to look like the capital letter “I” in Serif text when viewed from the side. It can be positioned on a four-legged floor stand for a different look, and offers white and blue trim options. Like The Frame TVs this uses QLED quantum dot enhancement film for optimal color presentation and an edge-lit LED panel.

55-inch QN55LS01T $1,499 MAP/UPP
43-inch QN43LS01T $999 MAP/UPP

TU8000 Series:

The TU8000 is a set below the QLED models. It features a basic edge-lit LED LCD panel, 4K processor and color filtering. It also omits Ambient Mode.

85-inch QN85TU8000 $1,999 MAP/UPP
75-inch QN75TU8000 $1,199 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65TU8000 $699 MAP/UPP
55-inch QN55TU8000 $499 MAP/UPP
50-inch QN50TU8000 $429 MAP/UPP
43-inch QN43TU8000 $369 MAP/UPP

TU7000 Series:

The TU7000 is positioned as a 4K TV line with value pricing. It is an edge-lit LED LCD TV with lesser color and brightness performance, meaning its ability to present HDR will be limited, but is intended to hit popular prices.

75-inch QN75TU7000 $999 MAP/UPP
70-inch QN70TU7000 $749 MAP/UPP
65-inch QN65TU7000 $549 MAP/UPP
58-inch QN58TU7000 $449 MAP/UPP
55-inch QN55TU7000 $399 MAP/UPP
50-inch QN50TU7000 $349 MAP/UPP
43-inch QN43TU7000 $299 MAP/UPP

By Greg Tarr

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