Leaked: New Samsung UHD 4K TV Models Priced From $999

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New lower priced UHD TVs are coming. According to industry sources Samsung will be shipping two new series of Ultra High Definition 4K TVs (3840 x 2160 resolution) in late June. There will be a total of five models with an entry level 40-inch retailing at just $999!

Get the model numbers, features and prices after the break.

The HU6950 series features include flat screen, edge-lit LED LCD panel, micro local dimming (as found in the HD H8000 series models), voice control, motion control (with optional $69 Samsung Skype HDTV Camera) , Smart TV and a quad core processor. Unlike the current HU8550 series the HU6950s will not have 3D capability. The models will be available as the 40-inch UN40HU6950 $999; 50-inch  UN50HU6950 $1499 and the 55-inch UN55HU6950 $1999.

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The next series is the HU7250. It reflects the same feature set of the HU6950 series but adds a curved screen seen on the top of the line for 2014 HU9000 series. Models include the 55-inch UN55HU7250 $2199 and the 65-inch UN65HU7250 $3299.



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  • Tom C Thomas

    New lower priced of Samsung UHD LED are coming, it have more advance feature like LCD panel, flat screen, voice control, micro local dimming, motion control and much more. If you want to know more design than visit here

  • Ed

    I have to add that there is laser projectors from LG called HECTO. They do not show 4k models . VIZIO new Reference series gets closer to REC2020 than anything out there.UHD is not just better pixel density ,its the whole package of viewing, The public will not just open there wallet for mediocrity anymore. Did the Big names in the industry learn nothing from failed 3D.UHD tv was and is something the industry came up with to regain dropping sales.Dont drop the ball this time.

  • ED

    Dont get fooled by a fugazi. Whats a Fugazi ?Its a term for a fake diamond .In this Case a UHD tv that Cant sparkle with all the colors of the REC 2020 UHD standard is just a dumbed down uhd tv. Also dont forget the HDMI 2.0 and a panel that is 10 or 12 bit,3849×2160 60p RGB 4.4.4 or higher.Plus HEVC/H265. I wont purchase one till this is all implemented.This is the same old thing Manufacturers have been doing to us for years. Releasing Bits and Bits of a product instead of giving us a fully baked one. It will just end up as buyers remorse if you do.

    We went through the same thing when HDTV came out. Looking back at the first few years of HDTV, they were the worst looking ones ever made. In the beginning they were all CRTs (projectors or picture tubes) . Then came 720p flat panels, next 1080p flat panels that were really 540p. Next came improvements in signal processing, black levels, motion etc.

    The same will hold true with UHD4K TV. All 2014 “name brand” (Samsung, LG, Sony etc.) models have HVEC, HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. Down the line we will see other improvements.

    As for REC 2020, we know of no current light source that can do it except for lasers and there are no laser TVs on the market.

    2014 name brand UHD4K TVs are not fake or downgraded, it’s what currently can be made at a given price point. We believe the decision to buy a 2014 UHD4K TV depends on your budget and replacement cycle. If it is normal 7 years or more and within ones budget, we say go for it now as there will a significant amount of content available over the next couple of years.

    If you have 2 or 3 year replacement cycle and hand down your current HDTV, then waiting a while would be the right decision.

    HD Guru

  • mosswings

    The other thing to note is that this year the manufacturers seem to be saving their best bulk processing tricks for their 4K sets to drive business upmarket. So, even at a fairly far viewing distance, the 4K set’s black level, motion compensation, color accuracy, or calibratibility might produce a better looking image although you might not be able to resolve details unless you were up close. A 40″ 4K set doesn’t make much sense as a living room TV based on 20/20 eyesight, but at 4-5′ it would be amazing, and one should note that 20/20 is only the most common adult resolution…there are a lot of viewers with 20/15 or better eyesight, particularly if they wear corrective lenses…

  • Diane Sullivan

    Interesting that instead of just saying $999, you throw in the word JUST. So now it’s “just” $ 999. Subliminal and effective.

  • Jacob Stillman

    HDTVtest has reviewed the H6900 series:
    Their findings are pristine still images but no motion assist.
    Pristine still images but no motion assist.

    The 40” may be close to ideal for high-end desktops.
    Obviously Samsung is taking this bold step to neutralize the coming inexpensive 4K Chinese panels. Competition in new technology is beneficial to the consumer.

  • JustinQ

    Thanks for the info as usual. Nice to see some entry level 4K models come out. However, I’d actually like to see a few higher models, perhaps an HU9500 with Dolby HDR and Wider color. The higher resolution is great but HDR and better color would make a bigger difference.

    Looking forward to the HU9000 reveiw.

  • Stringfellow

    @HDGURU – Aren’t the “viewing” benefits of televisions that boast 4K resolution lost on displays smaller than 84 inches; I.e., give or take a few inches?

    It depends on the viewing distance. We are finishing our review on the 65-inch UN65HU9000 and have been testing at viewing distances of 6 and 8 feet and can see a difference in clarity compared to an HDTV. We figure around 10 feet is probably the limit for this screen size. The smaller the screen the closer you should be and the closer the better.

    HD Guru

    HD Guru

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