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Yesterday, Panasonic provided a press demonstration of its new 2012 plasmas and LCDs. The big news: a dark room, side by side comparison of the new VT50 against the 2011 VT30 plasma; other new plasma tech demos and a new white 32-inch LCD. News out of Korea claims a May debut date and a price on LG’s upcoming 55-Inch OLED, our industry insider says the information is wrong. Details after the break.


The TC-P55VT50 is due to ship next month. Panasonic now has officially posted the retail price of this model and other models . For the list go here.

Panasonic explained how the 2012 plasmas can reproduce many more shades of grey (see photo) as well as why the new plasmas have deeper blacks (photo above).

The biggest news: in a side by side comparison of last year’s VT30 and the new VT50 showed far deeper blacks (top photo). We measured .004 ft. lamberts on our TC-P55VT30 after 200 hours of break-in. The demo VT50 model’s blacks were deeper, we estimate about one-third the brightness of the VT30 which would put the blacks below .002 ft lamberts and at last, equal or beat the best Pioneer Kuro level. SpectraCal was demonstrating its latest ISF CCC auto calibration software, and you can see the sensor probe dangling in the middle of the screen and its software display in the lower left of the photo.

Panasonic on increased the number of equivalent gradient steps of black to white from 6144 in 2011  to 24,576  on its 2012 GT and VT series models resulting in better dark detail.  For more on Panasonic’s 2012 plasma technologies go here.

The latest Panasonic LCD is a 32-Inch model for designed for kitchens (photo above) and finished in white.

LG 55EM9600 OLED


According to Maeil Business News out of Korea is the LG 55EM9600 55-Inch OLED (link) will make its retail  sale announcement at the Cannes Film Festival (May 16-27) at a price $7928.91 (at the current won exchange rate).  This article conflicts with our latest information.

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A well placed industry source told the HD Guru the 55EM9600 OLED will make a later debut, sometime in Q3 at a price that has not yet been determined . We will keep tracking OLED developments as LG and Samsung race to win the honors of first large screen OLED to market.


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  • Klaus R.

    I have a 55″ 2013 Panasonic Plasma,I would like to replace it with a 65″ TV.witch manufacture makes the best and most reliable TV for 2017?


    Because you currently have a plasma TV, you will probably find one of LG’s 2017 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs the closest thing to the benefits you’ve enjoyed with that set, plus you’ll get the added enhancement of 4K resolution, solid HDR performance, and good off-angle viewing. LG’s OLED models also tend to be pretty reliable. Samsung’s QLED models and Sony’s step-up XBR TVs are also good, reliable performers if you watch TV with the lights on and like a nice bright picture.– GT

  • chew

    The new panasonic tv’s are great, to what iv’e seen in the store,even the the new led tv’s,they have good viewing angles and motion levels,samsung have the worse motion levels on their led tv’s when watching sports,even with motion plus is on or off,im sticking with panny.

  • Raymond in DC

    For those of us with restricted cabinet or room space, it’s disappointing that the minimum screen size for series ST and above is now 50″. Were the ST50 available in the US in the 42″ or 46″ size (as was the case with the ST30), it would be a top choice for me, but it’s not. The 47″ DT50 might (might!) fit, but it’s more costly. Indeed, a 50″ GT50 plasma is about the same price as the 47″ DT50 LED.

  • Stringfellow

    @Dan O

    According to D-Katzmaier’s reviews on CNET the following was measured:

    Panasonic TC-PVT25 = .004 Fl (2010)
    Panasonic TC-PVT30 = .0061 Fl (2011)
    Panasonic TC-VT50 = TBD (2012)
    Panasonic TC-PST50 = .005 Fl (2012)
    Sharp Elite PRO-70X5FD = .0007 Fl (2011)

    The Sharp Elite measurement was darker, but apparently when doing a visual comparison the Pioneer Elite seemed darker. If I recall correctly, this was due to the off-angle viewing issues the Sharp Elite has.

    On a side note: The WT50, Panasonic’s local-dimming full-array LED-LCD HDTV will probably out-do the Sharp-Elite. My opinion is from what I have read in HDGURU’s current findings.

  • Stringfellow

    In case anyone has not read it, CNET has a full review of Panasonic’s ST50 Series Plasma HDTV. It received high marks.

    I am looking forward HDGURU’s review of the VT50, and WT50. If possible, a comparison between the two too.

  • Dan O

    Hey Guys,
    I know that Mr. Morrison occasionally writes for Cnet, and was wondering if you guys knew that there have been tests run that measure the Elite’s black level at .0004 (measured @ the VE shootout last year, and is equal to the PRO101FD…how could you guys not know this?) and .0007 (don’t remember where I got that number). Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the VT50, but even David K. Said the Elite was darker than his PRO-111 (.001). Anyways, check your site everyday for the latest…thanks.


  • joe

    too bad the lg oled is a cheater that uses white oled’s + filters for each pixel

  • cbono

    When/if detailed testing confirms the VT50 series outperforms the Kuro, panel technology will have finally taken a “cost effective” step forward. All this just in time to create the next challenge – when will the price of OLED come down sufficiently so that we finally have HD which equals/bests the CRT?

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