Konka North America is starting its U.S. TV-brand relaunch at CES 2020 next week with a slate of advanced television technologies including lines of 4K OLED models, 4K QLED LED-LCD models and mainstream 4K, Full HD and HD LED-LCD TVs all designed to bring customers both high quality picture performance and value.

The 35-year-old China-based company, which is a top five brand in its domestic market, will present its flagship OLED TV with advanced 4K Ultra HD images and “unique cosmetic design” in its CES booth (#10053, front of Central Hall near C2 Doors), the company said.

“We are very excited to launch three key display technologies, all offering unique consumer advantages and high value.” said Scott Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Konka North America, LLC. “In keeping with Konka’s mission to provide the best possible combination of quality, technology and value, Konka is providing an incredible line-up of smart TV products that are also a smart choice for both retailers and consumers.”

Ramirez said “Konka has been investing in technology and infrastructure, including 8K, Micro LED, 5G and much more, and we are now ready to expand the Konka brand to North America and other regions around the world.”

Konka televisions will be made in China, but the company has contingency plans to assembly products intended for the U.S. market in Juarez, Mexico, should U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports continue, Ramirez said.

Ramirez said Konka North America will be building brand awarenss to support its product launch. The company “is now preparing a complete launch plan with emphasis on digital marketing and public relations.”

Initial North American product shipments will begin this spring with the high-value mainstream H3 Android TV Series offering smaller screen sizes of HD and Full HD LED-LCD models. with performance qualities designed to give purchasers “more for their money,” the company said.

The Konka H3 Series includes a pair of HD- and Full HD 1080 resolution models featuring Konka’s “DynaBright” dynamic dimming technology for enhanced dynamic contrast and AccuMotion 120 for smooth motion in fast moving images. The Android TV OS platform is included for easy-to-use and convenient access to favorite streaming entertainment content. This is enhanced with a Voice Control remote, and includes 3 HDMI inputs (including CEC and ARC support in one or more) full range of connectivity options and a “ZeroBezel” design. The H3 Series models will include the 32- and 40-inch screen sizes carrying suggested retail prices of $199.99 and $299.99, respectively.

The Konka U5 Series encompasses five 4K Ultra HD LED-LCD TV models, all with Advanced Image Technology and the Android TV smart TV OS. The U5 Series models include the 43- ($399.99), 50- ($499.99), 55- ($599.99) , 65- ($999.99) and 75-inch ($1,499.99) UHD screen sizes. The U5 feature set is designed to be “a noticeably better TV,” Ramirez said, behind the use of an advanced XC3 UHD Engine that includes CrystalView Clarity Enhancer, DeepBlack Contrast Enhancer and PurePalette Color Enhancer for advanced picture quality. Also included is a HiBright Pro Backlight promising a 25% brighter picture and ColorWave Wide Color Gamut for deeper, more lifelike colors. The U5 Series also includes DynaBright, AccuMotion 120, Android TV with the Free Voice Control Remote, and 4 HDMI 2.0 Inputs with HDCP 2.2.

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The Konka Q7 4K Ultra HD LED-LCD TV Series steps up with QLED quantum dot color enhancement film technology for a wide color gamut and the Android TV smart TV OS. Ramirez said the Q7 Series is “not just a step, it’s a quantum leap.” The Q7 Series includes the 50- ($699.99), 55- ($799.99), 65- ($1,199.99) and 75-inch ($1,999.99) screen sizes. Features include: advanced XC3 UHD Engine, ColorWave Pro Wide Color Gamut with quantum dot film for 25% more colors, and a ZeroBezel Pro Design.

The Konka X11 Series steps up to 4K OLED display technology. Models will include the 55- and 65-inch UHD screen sizes. Prices will be announced later. Features include Pixel Level Dimming using self-emissive technology from the HiBright Ultra OLED panel with ColorWave Ultra Wide Color Gamut. The X11 Series produces pure black and bright specular highlights for optimal high dynamic range performance. The X11 Series features the company’s ZeroBezel Ultra Design with built-in sound bar including dbx TV Sound enhancement.

To underscore Konka’s plans for future display producs, the company is showing at CES 2020 236-inch 8K and 118-inch 4K Micro LED Walls that are the result of a new MicroLED joint venture R&D company. Also on display will be Konka’s advanced 88-inch 8K OLED, 75-inch 8K LED-LCD TV and 8K chassis with built-in 5G to demonstrate Konka’s investment in emerging platforms.

By Greg Tarr

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