The Konka Group, which recently announced its plans for a U.S. television brand re-launch at CES 2020 next month, announced Thursday its intention to be an industry leader in developing and building the Micro LED market by making a $214 million R&D investment in the emerging technology.

As part of the effort, Konka said has formed a joint venture in Micro LED development with Chongqing Liangshan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., resulting in a total investment of more than $365 million for the initiative. The funds will be used to purchase Micro LED related machinery/ equipment, research and development, and increase production and sales of Micro LED related products, the companies announced.

This joint venture includes the establishment of what Konka calls “a state-of-the-art institute that will carry out research and development of this cutting-edge display technology.”

Konka said that its R&D investments increased by 14.74% compared with the same period in 2018. Other investments have been made in technologies including 8K, AIOT and 5G integration.

“Konka is a technology company investing in multiple growth platforms such as 8K, AIOT and 5G.” said Scott Ramirez, Konka Group’s U.S. senior VP, sales and marketing. “This significant investment in Micro LED development shows our commitment to the technology and our belief that Micro LED will become the leading technology for ultra-high-quality consumer television.”

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Micro LED technology is also being marketed and developed by major TV companies including Samsung, Sony and LG. Samsung and Sony are already marketing advanced custom-installed Micro LED systems for business-to-business and high-end consumer home installations.

MicoLED displays, like OLED TVs are based on self-luminous panels comprised of millions of directly viewed RGB pixels. The panels can be adapted for use in a range of advanced commercial and consumer display devices They will become an important component of high-quality consumer TVs in the near future, Konka said.

MicroLED displays can be made to be brighter than OLED or even LED-LCD displays, don’t suffer from image retention, have long lifespans, offer wide viewing angles, are energy efficient and allow very thin-form factors. They are superior in contrast to LCDs, have higher brightness than OLEDs and a longer lifetime.

“With successful development from this project, Konka is poised to be a global market leader in the next generation of high-quality TV technology,” the company said in its investment statement.

By Greg Tarr

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