Advanced video-projector resource JVC revealed last week that it is teaming up with Lumagen, a noted expert in projection video processing technology, and Deep Dive AV, a professional calibration company to present a top-level custom native 4K home theater video performance package centered around JVC’s DLA-RS4500 native 4K unit.

The $25,000 retail price JVC DLA-RS4500, which was first introduced in 2016, is based on 3-chip native 4K DILA microdisplay imaging chips and produces a peak brightness output of 3,000 lumens from a JVC engineered laser-based light source. The projector also features a custom-developed high resolution all-glass lens for premium results.

Lumagen offers 6 Radiance Pro video processor models, differentiated primarily by input/output capabilities. These include: the Radiance Pro 4242 with 4 inputs, 2 processed outputs, 1U case; Radiance Pro 4440 with 2 inputs, 4 processed outputs, 2U case; Radiance Pro 4442 with 4 inputs, 4 processed outputs, 2U case; the Radiance Pro 4444 with 6 inputs, 4 processed outputs, 2U case; the Radiance Pro 4446 with 8 inputs, 4 processed outputs, 2U case; and the Radiance Pro 4449 with 8 inputs, 4 processed outputs, 6 switched outputs, 2U case. Suggested prices for the models range from $6,495 to $7,995.

According to Lumagen, with proper calibration “the Radiance Pro can provide automated video equalization using third party calibration software, with more accuracy than the non 3D LUT based calibration employed by television and projector manufacturers.”

As a result of the three-company alliance, the recommened package includes the projector matched with the Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor model. These are calibrated and configured by Deep Dive AV for the specific user-chosen home theater screen material and viewing environment.

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The Lumagen processor was selected by JVC for its ability to deliver scene-by-scene, and frame-by-frame, dynamic tone mapping for 4K HDR content.

Other key benefits of the pairing include:

  1. The ability to dynamically analyze HDR images using dynamic tone mapping that analyzes HDR images on a frame-by-frame basis and automatically adjusts the brightness and color to optimize HDR performance for each scene, and each frame.
  2. Superior 4K Upscaling using Lumagen’s acclaimed No-Ring scaling.
  3. Advanced Calibration Capability using 1D and 3D LUTs to best match the input source.
  4. Custom sizing and aspect ratio geometry controls for optimal display of content.
  5. Accurate Auto Aspect Ratio Selection for UltraWide Screens.
  6. Automatic Non-Linear Stretch that adjusts 16:9 and higher aspect ratio sources to fit an UltraWide screen.

The flagship JVC DLA-RS4500 combines a JVC-developed native 4K D-ILA device with a proprietary BLU-Escent laser phosphor light source that produces a peak brightness level of 3,000 lumens for an estimated 20,000 hours of operational life. The light source is said to be capable of the “highest contrast available.” The 100mm lens was developed specificaly for 4K D-ILA micro display device. The all-glass optics include 18-elements in 16-groups inside a full aluminum lens barrel.

“Our DLA-RS4500 has been widely praised as the best home theater projector on the market and we’re committed to ensuring that customers get the highest level of performance possible from it,” stated Fred Zecha, General Manager, JVCKenwood USA Custom Installation Sales. “That’s what led us to recommend the Lumagen processor as the ideal companion to the RS4500, especially when configured by Deep Dive AV specifically for our projector and the user’s preferred screen.”

“When we were evaluating projectors for our Lumagen Demo Theater, we looked at a number of brands and models. The combination of its laser light source, excellent contrast ratio, and full resolution 4k using an all-glass 100 mm lens system, made the JVC DLA-RS4500 the clear choice for us. When combined with Radiance Pro processing, and calibration by Deep Dive AV, our JVC DLA-RS4500 provides the Lumagen Demo Theater with exceptional picture quality for all content,” said Lumagen President Jim Peterson.

For installation set-up, Deep Dive AV was chosen to provide professional calibration services for track record with both JVC projectors and Lumagen processors. Deep Dive AV consults with the customer and configures the processor to the user’s projector and screen for optimal performance in the user’s specific set up, the companies said.

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By Greg Tarr

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