Japan-based OLED panel developer JOLED revealed this week that it has raised $420 million in capital and is targeting the start of production of OLED panels made using its inkjet printing process by 2020.

JOLED said the additional capital investments were contributed by Denso, Toyota Tsusho, Sumitomo Chemical, and Screen Finetech Solutions. JOLED plans to start mass production of OLED displays at its Nomi Site in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan in 2020 in cooperation with Japan Display.

JOLED is a company that was established in 2014 through a merger of the OLED development operations of Panasonic and Sony before high debt loads and slumping profitability forced both companies to sell off portions of their holdings in the operation to Japan Display.

JOLED was established to develop its inkjet printing processes for the production of OLED display panels. The printing process uses inkjet printing techniquests for coating and forming of OLED materials. The techniques simplify production process compared to the traditional chemical vapor-deposition methods, bringing efficency or marterial use and captial imvestment, particularly related to the production of large-sized displays used in televisions, JOLED said.

When production begins, the facility is expected to be the world’s first OLED display mass-production line using inkjet printing processes, according to a report on Digitimes. The inkjet technique, which has taken years to develop for OLED panel applications, is expected to increase efficiency and reduce cost of OLED displays and hence OLED-based televisions.

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JOLED said the new capital will help accelerate commercialization of printed OLED displays through cooperation with shareholders in joint R&D, business tie-ups, and development of sales channels, “under a new governance structure,” Digitimes reported.

JOLED said that the companies Panasonic Production Engineering, which develops and designs production equipment, and Screen Finetech Solutions have reached an agreement related to development, manufacture, sales, and service of printing equipment for large-sized printed OLED displays, intended mainly for use in TVs.

Furthermore, the Digitimes report said that JOLED plans to move forward on licensing manufacturing technologies used in its printing method to manufacturers and other companies looking to produce television-class OLED display panels.

According to the report, the three companies are looking to move rapidly to commercialize the business and promote broad use of the printing method. At the same time, they expect to use the technologies to facilitate their “own growth and business expansion by capturing growing demand in the continually expanding OLED TV market.”


By Greg Tarr


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