Is Your New HDTV Watching You?

March 19th, 2012 · 57 Comments · LED LCD Flat Panels, News, Plasma

                             Samsung UN65ES8000; group photo © Byron

 Samsung’s 2012 top-of-the-line plasmas and LED HDTVs offer new features never before available within a television including a built-in, internally wired HD camera, twin microphones, face tracking and speech recognition. While these features give you unprecedented control over an HDTV, the devices themselves, more similar than ever to a personal computer, may allow hackers or even Samsung to see and hear you and your family, and collect extremely personal data.

While Web cameras and Internet connectivity are not new to HDTVs, their complete integration is, and it’s the always connected camera and microphones, combined with the option of third-party apps (not to mention Samsung’s own software) gives us cause for concern regarding the privacy of TV buyers and their friends and families.

Samsung has not released a privacy policy clarifying what data it is collecting and sharing with regard to the new TV sets. And while there is no current evidence of any particular security hole or untoward behavior by Samsung’s app partners, Samsung has only stated that it “assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable” in the event that a product or service is not “appropriate.”

Samsung demoed these features to the press earlier this month. The camera and microphones are built into the top if the screen bezel in the 2012 8000-series plasmas and are permanently attached to the top of the 7500- and 8000ES-series LED TVs.

A Samsung representative showed how, once set up and connected to the Internet, these models will automatically talk to the Samsung cloud and enable viewers to use new and exciting apps.

These Samsung TVs locate and make note of registered viewers via sophisticated face recognition software. This means if you tell the TV whose faces belong to which users in your family, it personalizes the experience to each recognized family member. If you have friends over, it could log these faces as well.

In addition, the TV listens and responds to specific voice commands. To use the feature, the microphone is active. What concerns us is the integration of both an active camera and microphone. A Samsung representative tells us you can deactivate the voice feature; however this is done via software, not a hard switch like the one you use to turn a room light on or off.

And unlike other TVs, which have cameras and microphones as add-on accessories connected by a single, easily removable USB cable, you can’t just unplug these sensors.

During our demo, unless the face recognition learning feature was activated, there was no indication as to whether the camera (such as a red light) and audio mics are on. And as far as the microphone is concerned the is no way to physically disconnect it or be assured it is not picking up your voice when you don’t intend it to do so.

Samsung does provide the ability to manually reposition the TV’s camera away from viewers. The LED TV models allow you to manually point it upward, facing the ceiling; the plasma’s camera can be re-aimed to capture objects in the rear of the TV according a Samsung spokesperson.

Privacy concerns

We began to wonder exactly what data Samsung collects from its new “eyes and ears” and how it and other companies intend use it, which raises the following questions:

*   Can Samsung or Samsung-authorized companies watch you watching your Samsung TV?

*   Do the televisions send a user ID or the TV’s serial number to the Samsung cloud whenever  it        has an Internet connection?

*   Does Samsung cross reference a user ID or facial scan to your warranty registration information, such as name, address etc.?

*   Can a person or company listen to you, at will, via the microphone and Internet connection?

*   Does Samsung’s cloud store all this information? How secure is this extremely personal data?

*   Can a hacker intercept this data or view you via the built in camera?

*   Can a third-party app program do any of the above?

*   Exactly what information does the TV send to Samsung or other parties?

*   Does Samsung intend to sell data collected by its Smart TV owners, such as who, what and when one is viewing?

Companies desiring to provide highly targeted advertisements to you via the TV screen or external marketing would find this data extremely valuable. “Hey, you look a little tired, how about some Ambien? I’m seeing a little grey, have you tried Grecian Formula?  Joe, it looks like you packed on a few pounds recently, here’s information from Weight Watchers. Hey kids, you look bored, look at these TOYS!”

So what, if any, privacy does Samsung promise by way of a stated policy?

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 Weeks have passed since we formally requested answers to these questions from Samsung asking what if any privacy assurances Samsung provides. To date no privacy statement has been furnished to HD Guru or end users. The first models with these features arrived on dealer’s shelves over two weeks ago. All that we’ve been told is that when connecting to the Internet, the TVs first connect to the Samsung cloud, and from there, they connect to the various streaming video services and other apps for activation.

Samsung induces its new Smart TV owners to register online by offering a free three-month extension of the TV’s warranty. This would couple user names and addresses to their TV serial numbers, if the company so desired.

Want to read the owner’s manual for your new Samsung TV? This is accomplished by download, as Samsung stopped including printed owner’s manuals at least two years ago. However, before you may download the manual, you must first agree to the following online statement:

Samsung assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable, in connection with whether any such products or services will be appropriate, functional or supported for the Samsung products or services available in your country.

We asked Samsung to define “appropriate” but to date have not received a response. We will update readers with a response or a privacy statement if and when Samsung chooses to provide one.

Security threats

Don’t assume a TV is an un-hackable island!

Samsung does not disclose what operating system is within its TVs, therefore we cannot confirm if it is Android and/or any other that might have a prior history of hacking.

It has been widely reported Android phones have been hacked allowing outside control of phones, via third party apps.

Countless companies have had their networks hacked, causing thousands of customers’ personal data to be released to the world. If this were to happen to Samsung it is theoretically possible hackers could gain access to names, addresses — and images of the faces of entire families.

The TV has a built-in Facebook app. Can the TV make the next connection and access your Facebook account and match other viewers to their Facebook pictures for even more personal data?

A Samsung representative said the company is working on apps that will allow its Smart TV owners to turn their televisions into a silent home-security system by allowing remote viewing on a smartphone or tablet via the TV’s built-in camera. This ability makes us ask, “Who else could gain access this video feed?”

There are  security systems that go over the Internet, however, many are encrypted. Is any Samsung’s data encrypted? The company doesn’t say. Generally security companies let customers know when their data is encrypted, as it is a selling point.

In addition, the Samsung HDTVs come with an external infrared blaster that allows users to control a cable or satellite box via voice, gesture or the Samsung remote. We ask: does the TV send this information over to Samsung’s cloud as well? Does Samsung now know what other equipment you have, when you’re home to use it, what channel you’re viewing and when?

The models with this unprecedented feature set are the 2012 8000 series plasmas PN51E8000, PN60E8000, PN64E8000 and LED models UN46ES7500, UN50ES7500, UN55ES7500, UN46ES8000, UN55ES8000, UN60ES8000 and UN65ES8000. Many of these models are now at dealers with the rest scheduled to ship within the next few weeks.

With so many questions raised and no answers provided, HD Guru recommends you weigh the possibilities and decide whether or not you care about its unknown personal privacy risks before purchasing one of these HDTVs.


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    یا مانند یک شبکه ی اجتماعی که با طراحی یک فضای مجازی باعث انتشار مطالب و ارتباط کاربران می شود…

    همچنین شرایط پیاده سازی و توجیه اقتصادی برای اجرا شدن در یک شرکت کامپیوتری-اینترنتی را دارد.

    با احترام

  • Gumshoe Gamer

    This will be interesting for movie nights, will they start charging us extra when the faces in front of the TV do not match the ones that are licensed to watch the movie?

    Will it block certain content if the face is recognized as being too young?

  • JFP

    Cure is simple: don’t buy one.

  • aoeu

    @Richard M Stallman

    We all know rms doesn’t use “the Web”, impostor. Don’t think you can fool us just by wrapping to 72 columns like a moron!

  • Richard M Stallman

    With software, either the users control the program or the program
    controls the users. To control the program, users need certain
    freedoms, so we call this free/libre software. The basis for these
    freedoms is to have the full source code. (See

    The operating software in these TVs is proprietary; Samsung has not even
    said which system it is. So this software controls the users.
    Samsung could be a kindly master, a vicious master, or an inept master
    abused by others, but with this software it is the user’s master.

    Proprietary software often has malicious features. In addition to
    possible spying, this TV surely has the same malicious features that
    nearly all digital TVs have: features to restrict the user (Digital
    Restrictions Management). See for more
    information about DRM.

    All in all, I agree with the article’s points. I just wish it did
    not equate “hacking” to “breaking security”. When I call myself a hacker,
    as I’ve been proud to do since 1971, I mean something else entirely.

  • gee

    okay rehman, then quality gaffer tape.

  • Mike

    OK, I heard about Comcast doing the very same thing a few years back, when I had a tv set and the whole nation was forced to go digital or lose the signal, remember that? Well, I went to and read about that and not knowing what to believe, tried a little experiment. First, I did some drugs right in front of the TV, sat and waited for them to come arrest me, nothing happened. I mean, it was a nice high and all, but no one came to arrest me for being “naughty” in my own home. Then I took some aluminum foil the next day, and covered the digital box, and the whole TV stopped working, no sound , no nothing. Anyways, I got rid of the TV regardless, and now I just have the computer. (and yes, sometimes I still do drugs in front of the screen, and I am STILL waiting…no arrests so far, but then why should anyone be harassed for whatever they’re doing in their own home???)

  • PCT nut

    I heard the camera and microphone were directly connected to the microchip in your brain so that means they spy on you even when you’re not in front of the television. And when you come back from being away, all the details of what you did when you were away are uploaded from the microchip to the television to the clouds.

    1984 was nothing compared to now.

    Wake up sheeple!

  • me

    well realy you should not give your tv access to the internet regardless of what it could do for you.

  • ftyfty

    The technical specs of the HD scam, specify that this technology is TWO WAY,,,,welcome to 1984

    They can also see everyones facial reaction to whatever is on the screen. This is part of the future slavery and the sheeple who will stand in line to take part are already lost

    (Queen of England head of all freemasons and owner of 1/6th of the world (KNOWN) + khazar international bankers + vatican = 4th reich)

  • Marcos Júnior

    Olha, eu creio que esta inovação será de grande valia neste mundo competitivo.Dá para observar que isso será de grande repercussão mundial. Mas, para falar a verdade, seria bem melhor deixar como está. ou fazer isso como se fosse opcional.
    Marcos Júnior
    Sete Lagoas-MG-BRAZIL.

  • Teame Zazzu

    What is shocking is not the fact that major telecoms are all voluntarily cooperating with govt police, or that your cellphone data is farmed to produce pattern analysis data, or that facial/ voice matching, traffic cameras, drones, purchasing records, tax info and biometric data are all used to track and record your movements and draw statistical conclusions,…what is surprising is that anyone can try and justify incorporating this technology into a TV for “market research” or “to enhance services” with a straight face. The TELESCREEN is the touchstone of authoritarian society. Thankfully the country is not headed for this as evidenced by arbitrary drone assassinations of US citizens, indefinite detention, torture, SOPA, FIFA, iris scanners, mandatory drug testing, warrantless wiretapping and domestic use of police drones. Wait until ARGUS and Blue Devil get here.

    For information on surviving the imminent drone zombie apocalypse, visit Teame Zazzu your critical intervention team

  • uberhuman

    This is nothing new, The x box has had a camera accessory for years now that watches everything in front of it. Every phone you have now comes with a camera and Christal clear microphones. As does almost all Laptops these days.

    Schools are constantly in the news for recording students through their school owned laptops. Microsoft intends to start watching and listening to you through the x box. Focusing on words and images that they can sell to advertisers. Its not big brother any more that is the problem. Its hundreds of little brothers wanting to invade your privacy.

  • Joe

    For me, the difference between this and a webcam is that practically every webcam has a light that tells you when it’s active. Since the light is hardwired in the camera’s circuitry, it’s impossible for a malicious program to run the camera without you knowing. Some webcams even include a switch to disable the camera or a built-in “privacy shade” that covers the lens. Furthermore, on any computer OS, if a knowledgeable user sees the webcam activate, he can track down what’s doing it and terminate that program.

    This TV has none of that. You have no way to knowing whether the camera is active at any time. You can see the spike in upload bandwidth if it’s transmitting to the Internet. But since it’s a proprietary protocol, without some reverse-engineering, you have no way of knowing whether it’s uploading live video, sound, or pictures taken last night. It could even just be sending a core dump so Samsung can fix that app the keeps crashing.

    And unless the data being sent is entirely unencrypted, you don’t know whether it’s using proper encryption or some proprietary trivial scrambling algorithm with no real security (see DVD CSS).

  • Barclay

    I leave a post-it over the camera on my iMac unless I am actively using it, e.g., for Skype. I would do the same thing for the camera on the TV. As to the audio, IDK.

  • jakemolly

    “When I stop using my desktop I shut it down and its equally shut off from the internet and the rest of the world.” You can do the same thing with these TVs. Unplug the TV from the internet when you aren’t using the Smart TV functions. All of these features are optional. You don’t have to turn them on.

  • Julian


    1) Yes, laptops do have webcams built in and people have used them to nefariously spy on people.

    2) The TV must have a harddrive, considering it has apps installed on it, remembers faces, etc. Also since when did devices require hard drives before people were able to hack them? If a video camera is transmitting data, someone can intercept that data, harddrive or not.

    3) Finally when I don’t want my laptop on I close it. It goes into sleep mode, that involves turning off the wifi connection and everything else. When I stop using my desktop I shut it down and its equally shut off from the internet and the rest of the world.

    If this TV has an app that allows you to use it like a security camera for your house, that means that its always connected, always at least partially ‘on’ and connected. If you can open up an app and watch what’s happening in your lounge-room then, I bloody well hope its an encrypted stream, because if its not there’s little else stopping people from getting access to that live vision.

    Christ even the creepy idea of installing that app then spying on your family is pretty wrong.

  • Edison Carter

    “The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it, moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard.”

    Orwell’s 1984 wasn’t supposed to be an instruction manual.

  • Jay

    The reason you can see yourself when the camera is on is because the camera, and the TV, can see you. Therefore, someone who hacks into the TV can see the same thing it is seeing.

    Webcams on laptops have been used to spy on people. See for example

    Is your proposition that a device must contain a hard drive in order to be hackable? No such limitation exists.

    Fortunately for Samsung there are plenty of people like you filling in the normal distribution two standard deviations to the left of the mean. They’ll have plenty of customers and we’ll be assured of future entertainment in the future from the inevitable invasions of privacy that will result.

  • jakemolly

    This is just about the stupidest article I have ever read. I can’t believe HD Guru would post this nonsense. 99% of all laptops have a webcam on them. Are you worried someone is watching you without you knowing? With these Samsung TVs, you don’t have to use the Voice Recognition. You don’t have to use the Face Recognition. When the camera is on, you can see YOURSELF. The TV does not have a hard drive–there isn’t anything for anyone to hack into.

  • Derp

    Come on people. This is practically fear mongering. So your tv has a camera, it’s not like you haven’t been staring at a webcam for the past five to ten years anyways. Or carrying a phone with you everywhere. If you are really worried, just unplug the internet and problem solved.

    It’s really just about your porn, isn’t it? Admit it :)

  • Bruce

    Big Diddy Dale ~
    Your info is being sent to :-)

  • SamsungFail

    “I could never own a Samsung… I’m creative…”
    “Dude… you’re a pervert!”

    Seriously, – wrong move by Samsung, but inevitable.

  • joeblow


  • netwrok

    Bad move Samsung.

  • Your dumb bro

    @ bugsy , i suppose you ducktape your asshole shut everytime Your done shitting as well

  • bugsy

    This issue has been around for years with laptop webcams. Although laptops are usually not powered on for as many hours as a TV, and normally don’t sit unused but powered-on with the webcam facing your lving room couch. In any case, for years people have proposed various solutions, mostly involving putting black electrical tape over the webcam and the microphones and pulling it off when you want to use them.

  • Roy

    Their website has obligatory privacy statements in the usual huge detail so why aren’t they producing similar for TVs? Lawmakers are behind the curve again.

    In the absence of anything to the contrary you can only assume the worst and keep well away from these.

    Hopefully Samsung will listen and respond eventually – until then I expect hackers will be chomping at the bit.

  • Hacker Jack

    Hmm………..time brush up on my hacking skills.

  • Big Diddy Dale

    Samsung wants to spy on me? My guess is these female Korean techs want to watch me strut around my house with my diddy dongle dangling in air. Well they’re in luck because I watch tv in the raw always. Enjoy the view girls.

  • Ray Sweeney III

    Wow! WOW! I am speechless! Thank you for doing this story!

  • Hacker Joe

    I can’t wait for all you guys to buy this tv so I can creep while you sleep hahaha I see you !!!

  • Justin the jew

    I totally agree with Namz I would never make spanky time with my boyfriend chudge infront of this tv that’s all I need is my dad to disown me after seeing a video of me and my boy toy playing Xbox naked thanks to some cracker hacker

  • Namz one

    Me and my boyfriend were just about to order this tv until we came across this review , he said he would never make naughty time to me again with this tv in the house i canceld the order faster than a duck in a truck we will now be looking into a sansui 8000 series

  • kolio

    I guess if the TV market is going to abandon set top terminals like DVR’s, etc. then the gesture and voice commands would be useful, but otherwise they seem to be worthless features. But afaik you can’t put a cable card in these or connect them to record to NAS.

    Do you suppose we can block the streaming camera and mic data ports on our routers?

  • Rocco the Samsung slut

    I might as well go on molest me .com and put all my personal information out there

  • PrivacyAdvocate

    I saw this on MSNBC and tracked back to here. I’m glad this is finally getting picked up in the media. I first heard rumblings about Samsung developing this technology a few years ago, but at the time privacy concerns started to leak so they postponed production. Sure enough, I have spoken with industry insiders who say Samsung delayed production and waited for a time when they could slip it past consumers and not have to respond to privacy concerns. Samsung will stop at nothing to spy on you to make a buck. Time to buy another brand and fight this type of predatory technology.

  • can't catch me papi

    The FBI had been watching me for months now out of no wea I’m getting all these emails about this tv , they must think im dumb

  • Jeffrey

    I would never buy a Samsung after reading this. They have refused to submit a privacy statement which means that even if you get a model without a camera, they can be tracking (and likely selling) your viewing and app usage on any internet connected TV.

    No thanks.

  • Mr yea ok

    I agree with the dude I’ll be going with the PNE7000 same tv no camera save money and don’t have to be worried in your own home

  • The dude

    I would NEVER buy a tv with a webcam built in how stupid can you be that’s big brother watching your every move , I’ll pass and get the 7 series save money and privacy !!!

  • The dude

    I watch tv naked all day long I do not need someone trying to cyber rape me

  • Len S.

    It is creepy enough that Samsung can spy on me but legitimately scary to think I would be inviting hackers into my living room. Forget it.

  • Hotsauce in my Bag

    My brother in law has a friend who works for Samsung and said that internally, they have acknowledged that these are not secure and anyone with elementary hacking knowledge can access the camera and mic on these TV’s.

  • ANEW

    great questions you have asked. Hopefully Samsung replies, but I think they will not and just let people buy them on the cool factor.

  • BaconBabypuppyBoy

    I just ordered the tv on sale for $2,600 seen this and canceld it ASAP thank u hd guru I dont need some geek hacker cropping in on me and my girl , and I’m a criminal as well they will have a lot of dirt on me

  • Robin

    Hmm, so Samsung wants to spy on me in my own home. Perverts. Anyone have an old tube TV for sale?

  • Anthony

    Samsung Smart TVs use the Android operating system. I have a 2010 7 series Samsung plasma Smart TV and when I use the Vuze torrent program on my computer, it recognizes my TV with an android icon next to the model number. Keep in mind the program is picking up the TV over my home network.

  • Z Rehman

    meh, just get blutac and cover the camera when not in use

    Fine for a camera, you also want to try to clog up the microphones and hope they will continue to function after you remove the putty? What about your searches, viewing habits, apps, usage time etc.

    Perhaps you want to suggest unplugging the power to the TV at all times?

    HD Guru

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