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This year Thanksgiving falls on the last possible Thursday of the month, making Black Friday on November 29th, creating the shortest number of shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lots of folks wait for the Black Friday deals and a number of trends will affect Black Friday television prices.

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With worldwide and US HDTV sales down again this year, pricing on LCD panels in the 32-to-42-inch screen sizes have remained the same or gone up compared to last year. This is because manufacturers have cut back production to prevent oversupply and associated price erosion.

As a result of this, we expect Black Friday prices for TVs, in these sizes, to be about the same as last year. Possibly even slightly higher.

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Despite multi-billion dollar losses at Sharp and Panasonic, we still expect both companies and others to offer special Black Friday prices to dealers in an effort to move inventories and increase revenues.

The bright spot: 60-inch and larger screen sizes. This is where prices show the most movement. We anticipate hot deals on plasma and LED LCD HDTVs in this range.

We at HD Guru consulted our industry contacts, surveyed the best current deals, and checked last year’s Black Friday specials to come up with these 2013 Black Friday Predictions.

There is a new category this year, Ultra HD TV (“4K”). We predict at least one name brand Ultra HD TV manufacturer will be dropping its prices for the holiday by 20% or more.

For those of you considering a Vizio or a no-name TV, please read our disposable TV article. Thinking about an extended warranty? Learn how to get the best deal and how to get up to a one year extended warranty for free and our other article reveals a deal on a Square Trade extended protection plan.

On to our list:                                                        Was            Black Friday

32″ No Name 720p LCD                                   $199           $149

32” No Name 1080p LCD                                $259           $169

32″ Brand Name 720p LCD                             $259          $169

39″ No Name 1080p LED LCD                       $249          $169      

39” Name Brand LED LCD 1080p               $369           $269

40″-42” No Name LCD                                     $249           $189

42-43″ Name Brand 720p Plasma               $399           $299

46″-47″ No Name LED LCD 1080p              $429          $349

50″ Name Brand 720p Plasma                       $549           $449

50″ Name Brand 1080p Plasma                     $599           $479

50′ No Name 1080p 120Hz LED LCD            $499          $389

50″ Name Brand LED Smart 120Hz              $849           $669

55″ Name Brand 120 Hz 1080p LED LCD   $999           $499

55” Name Brand 3D 120 Hz 4K Smart TV  $3499         $2799

60” No Name 120 Hz LED LCD                       $998           $599

60″ No Name LED LCD Smart                         $998            $688

60” Name Brand Plasma 1080p                      $799            $519

70” No Name LED LCD 1080p Smart           $1599            $999

70″ LED Name Brand LED LCD 120 Hz       $1799            $1649



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