Kenji Nakamura, President and CEO of Hitachi Home Electronics (America), shows its UltraThin 1.5 display to Andy Oroz of Home Entertainment Source at the Hitachi Annual Dealer Show.

At its dealer it show in California, Hitachi announced details of its 2008 HDTV product line. Hitachi has broken the “thin barrier” with a 1.5” deep LCD design. Unlike LG’s new Scarlet line of integrated (built in HD tuner) HDTVs (2.4” –3.2” deep depending on screen size), Hitachi’s new 1.5” LCD displays are monitors. They contain no built-in tuners. You must connect to a external source such as a satellite or cable box or purchase the Hitachi over-the-air A/V HDTV tuner-switcher for an additional $299.
These new LCD monitors are available in four screen sizes (32-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch.)
In addition, Hitachi’s press release’s reads “From the patented ventilation technology to the backlight, power supply and unique crystal frame, the innovations found in the 1.5 line represent Hitachi’s achievements in areas as diverse as automotive design, server systems and optical R&D.
The new 1.5 line is further differentiated by its appealing design that, importantly, extends a complete 360 degrees around. So whether the displays are seen from the front, a side angle or from the back, the elegant lines and distinctive aesthetics demonstrate an attention to detail that make the displays the ideal complement to a luxury lifestyle. “
Pricing and availability for each model is as follows:

Director’s Series™ Models

Model Size 120Hz A/V Resolution Warranty Pricing & Availability

UT47X902 47” Yes Optional 1920x1080p 2 years $4,699 Sept
UT42X902 42” Yes Optional 1920x1080p 2 years $3,699 May
UT37X902 37” Yes Optional 1920x1080p 2 years $2,999 April
UT32X812 32” Yes Optional 1366x768p 2 years $2,299 August
UT32X802 32” No60Hz Optional 1366x768p 2 years $1,999March

UltraVision – V Series Models
UT47V702 47” Yes Optional 1920x1080p 1 year $4,499 Sept.
UT42V702 42” Yes Optional 1920x1080p 1 year $3,499 July
UT37V702 37” Yes Optional 1920x1080p 1 year $2,799 July

UT32V502 &
UT32V502W 32” Yes Optional 1366x768p 1 year $2,099 August

UT32A302 &
UT32A302W 32” No (60Hz)Optional1366x768p1 year$1,799 August

Hitachi also released some new details of its new 2008 plasmas but will not reveal pricing and availability or screen sizes until its press show in June, (according to a dealer source screen sizes will be 42”, 50” and 60″). New for 2008 will be high gloss black frames, 48 Hz film mode, deep black stripe filters, game mode, power swivel table stands and TV Guide On Screen program guide.

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