Hisense XT880 UHD Prototype

Hisense revealed this week nine TV lines including a number of very sophisticated, thin LED LCD models designed to compete against the major HDTV brands. Known to the consumer electronics industry as a TV supplier for Best Buy’s Insignia and Dynex house brands, its 2012/2013 line marks the first major effort by a Chinese manufacturer to penetrate the US market. Hisense is the world’s sixth largest producer of televisions.

With screen sizes of 22 to 65-inches, its vast array of new models includes Smart, 3D (passive and active) and a state of the art Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 resolution) models.

Hisense first entered the US market two years ago with entry level HDTVs similar to its offerings under the Insignia brand name. Now they appear ready to compete head-on against the major brands with contemporary styling and high end features such as 240 Hz refresh, Internet browsers with streaming and  more. Unlike Vizio and the no-name brands which use contract manufacturers to build their HDTVs, Hisense assembles all of its models in its own factories. Like a number of major TV brands (i.e. Sony and Toshiba), it procures LCD screens from the big panel makers including LG and AUO).

Here’s the new line from top to bottom.

Hisense XT880 UHD TV Production Version

XT880 is a Ultra HDTV (4x resolution of Full HD) with every about every feature know to man including a pencil thin 7mm bezel, dual core processor with the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, Internet browser, detachable (to insure privacy) HD camera with facial recognition, gesture control, Skype video, 240 Hz refresh, edge lit LEDs, active 3D, games, Google apps and more. The XT880 will arrive in the USA during Q1 2013 in the 50, 58 and 65-inch screen sizes. The 50-inch is shipping this month into the Chinese market. Pricing is to be announced.

T770 series is an edge lit 120Hz refresh LED LCD with active Full 1080p 3D, Smart TV with browser, 4 HDMI inputs and smart phone (Android and iPhone) remote control. Screen sizes are 42-inch and 55-inch.  Price and availability are to be announced.

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K560 series are edge lit LED LCDs available in the 55 and 65-inch screen sizes. The 65K560DW features a 65-inch screen, 240 Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, Smart TV with Internet browser, QWERTY remote control, .8-inch screen bezel, swivel stand, 4 HDMI inputs and two pairs of active 3D glasses. Shipping later this month, it will be sold exclusively by Amazon.com. Price is to be announced (TBA).

The 55-inch 55K560RW is a passive 3D model with 1080p resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, .8-inch bezel, Smart TV with Internet browser, QWERTY remote, swivel stand, 4 HDMI inputs and 4 pairs of passive 3D glasses. Price and availability TBA.

K366 series consists of a 40 and 50-inch edge lit LED LCDs.  The 50 inch features 120 Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 3 HDMI inputs, Smart TV and 3 HDMI inputs. The 40-inch shares the same features except it has a 60 Hz refresh rate. It will be available soon, exclusively at Walmart at a price to be announced.




K360 edge lit LED LCD series feature a 1080p 50-inch model 50K360G with 120Hz refresh and the 40-inch 50K360 with a 60Hz refresh. Both have 2 HDMI inputs and USB movie streaming. Shipping in late November in time for Black Friday, the pricing and supporting retailers are TBA.




K316 series consists of 42, 46, and 50-inch screen sizes. These 2.33-inch deep edge lit LED LCDs feature 1080p HDTV with 120 Hz refresh, active 3D, Wi-Fi, Opera web browser, 4 HDMI inputs,  2 USBs, and two pairs of active 3D glasses. Internet streaming includes Netflix, VUDU and YouTube. Sold exclusively by hh Gregg they are available now as the 42-inch 42K316D05 for $599.99, the 46-inch 46K316D05 also at  $599.99 and the 50-inch 50K316D05 for $799.99


K310 series product is scheduled to ship in January 2013. This edge lit LED LCD series offers 1080p, thin bezel, 3 HDMI inputs and MHL enabled port. With the Roku Stick (sold separately) inserted into the MHL port the 310 converts into a Smart TV with Internet streaming services including VUDU, Amazon Instant, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more. The K310s will be available in the 39 and 50-inch screen sizes. Prices are to be announced.


K20 series is Hisense’s entry level line of LED backlit LCD televisions. The 1080p models are offered in the 24, 42 and 46-inch screen sizes. A 32-inch 720p model is also available. The 42-inch model features a 60 Hz resolution, 1.5-inch depth and 3 HDMI inputs. The 46-inch model has all the same features and adds a 4th HDMI input. The 42-inch F42K20 and the 46-inch F46K20 are available now exclusively at Walmart priced at $368 and $498 respectively.


D12 series lone model is a 32-inch 720p LED lit LCD featuring 2 HDMI inputs. It’s available now at hhgregg for $219.99


The Hisense Pulse is a $99 Goggle TV box that converts any HDTV into a Smart TV. It features a dual sided remote control with a QWERTY keyboard on one side and a touch pad plus numeric keyboard on the other, built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI output and a Google Chrome browser. It will be available initially at Amazon next month.



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