China-based TV manufacturer Hisense is expanding its integration deal with over-the-top (OTT) local TV news aggregation service Haystack TV

Under the expanded agreement, Hisense is to pre-install and prominently place the Haystack TV app on Hisense TV models carrying its Vidaa smart TV OS platform. The Vidaa OS, which Hisense includes in a number of its low and mid-range series smart TVs, offers access to ad-supported, free streamed headline news and other stories from local, regional and international broadcast TV stations.

Haystack-directed stories are tailored to the user’s profile of interests and geography. It aggregates the latest headlines, local news and general interest stories for the viewer in a simple-to-navigate on-screen menu. Viewers also have the option to puruse news reports from other regions of the country and the world. The app presents a scrolling list of thumb nails for the most locally pertinent and timely stories of the viewer. Users can advance through the selections to find one that catches their attention, and let the news stories automatically and continuously play on from there.

In the United States, Hisense was one of the fastest growing TV brands last year, and is poised to maintain that course in 2020 with a large lineup of value-targeted 4K UHD, Full HD and HD smart TVs. In the U.S., Hisense divides its smart TV model lineup between series running one of three OS platforms: Android TV (used in higher end models), Roku TV (used mostly in mid-range and mainstream models) and Vidaa (the company’s own OS used in a range of models typically favoring the highest value pricepoints). The Haystack app is already accessible by the company’s Android TVs and Roku TVs. In other markets, the model offerings are tailored to the needs of various regions around the world.

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Haystack TV said it maintains a library of more than 250 trusted premium news sources covering 85% of local US markets.

In addition to the Vidaa platform, Haystack TV is available worldwide for free on the Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku streaming platforms; LG, Samsung and Vizio Smart TVs; Android and iOS mobile devices; and online at

By Greg Tarr

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