The Hisense 4K Ultra HD Laser TV will be among 2018 TVs getting Alexa voice integration.

Hisense revealed Wednesday that it will be building Alexa voice AI capabilities into select 4K Smart TVs to be unveiled at CES 2018 in Las Vegas next week.

Hisense said the TVs with Alexa integration are part of a larger initiative to make interacting with Smart TVs easier and more intuitive.

Among the first 2018 models to feature Alexa will be the Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV, which is a short-throw DLP laser projector with bundled screen that was introduced late in 2017.

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According to Hisense, the Smart TV platform with Alexa “makes accessing built-in apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, TikiLIVE and others simple and easy.”

The new Alexa-equipped 4K Smart TVs will now offer a wide variety of voice features right out of the box, Hisense said, and will let users control certain primary functions, including voice commands, changing inputs and controlling volume.

Additionally, the Alexa voice service will connect to music services like iHeartRadio, and Pandora and will provide “thousands of Alexa skills.”

Skills, is Amazon’s code word, for voice-controlled tasks that can be performed by a compatible device. With such skills on 2018 Hisense TVs, users will be able to use spoken commands to “do everything from shopping for groceries and gifts to ordering a pizza.”

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Alexa will also enable users to connect to other smart home products so that they can control the lights, turn off the air conditioner, operate other IoT devices that work with Alexa among other things.

The Alexa integration is also part of Hisense’s recently announced HiSmart AC and Dehumidifier products which carry the “Works with Amazon Alexa” badge.

Beyond Alexa, addition voice activation control technologies have been develped by the Chinese electronics giant. In 2018, the company said it plans to also launch a remote control and mobile application with voice technology.
By Greg Tarr


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