Hisense has released its new 100L5F 4K short-throw front projector with a laser-based lamp source and built-in Android TV OS.

The single-chip DLP-based model that won HD Guru’s Best of CES 2020 award for best new projector is positioned as “an affordable solution” for home theater enthusiasts who crave the realism of really big-screen projected images for the true movie theater experience at home. It brings bright, color accurate pictures from a long-lasting laser-based light engine.

Hisense has priced the 100L5F at a stunning $3,999 street retail price, which is $2,000 lower than originally quoted at CES in January. It’s available at key electronics retailers including Amazon, Beach Camera and Vann’s, Hisense said.

In addition, the Hisense L5’s Android TV v. 9 Pie smart TV platform combines the laser projector system with the convenience of built-in streaming via the customizable Android TV user interface. Version 9 Pie brings snappy response, ease of use, hundreds of apps and thousands of movie selections from the Play Store library as well as from apps accessible by the built-in Chromecast system. This enables linking to a compatible mobile device to stream additional content and services.

The Hisense L5 ships with a 100-inch ambient light rejecting projection screen for optimal performance using a laser light source and low-angle ultra-short-throw projector positioning. The projector can be placed just 11.3 inches from the screen surface for easy setup, space savings from both placement and the small projector foot print, and greater brightness and color intensity.

The “X-Fusion” laser source is said to present color coverage that exceeds “the standard 4K color range,” which according to the specs, means better than BT.709 color gamut, but not quite to the P3 wide gamut coverage range (83% DCI-P3). The laser light engine includes an average life expectancy of 25,000 hours without the need to replace a lamp/bulb.

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Other features include built-in speakers with dbx-tv cinematic sound and a robust Android TV platform.

To get LCD or OLED flat-panel-like contrast levels in moderately well-lit rooms, Hisense uses a laser capable of greater light intensity, and lower power consumption levels than many bulb-based approaches.

HD Guru’s Gary Merson presents Doug Kern with a Best of CES Award for the Hisense 100L5F.

To get around the high cost of both a projector and a projection screen that optimizes ambient light rejection, Hisense bundles the 100-inch screen (a $2,000 value) with the L5 4K Ultra Short-Throw Series projector. The company said the screen’s surface is specially developed to produce the best images (in brightness, color and contrast) from projectors placed up close to and below the screen surface. Peak brightness from the X-Fusion light engine and screen combination is said to nearly reach 2,700 lumens and span over a billion colors.

The projector features built-in sound and offers a small footprint for tabletop or floor placements. Hisense said the L5 includes an exclusive calibration app to simplify setup.

The L5 Series positioned as “the first Hisense laser TV with an Android TV platform.” In addition to streaming entertainment apps, the platform comes with Google Assistant built-in, so consumers can use the voice remote to quickly access what they want to watch, and with universal search, the company said.

Hisense calls its single laser-based light engine “a breakthrough in TV product development, redefining the way that TVs can present images, and leading the next generation of display technology.”

The L5’s blue laser light source produces sharp detailed images, all while avoiding unwanted light dispersion for a more natural viewing experience. Hisense said that because the projector presents fast-moving images smoothly it is an excellent big-screen option for watching sports, action movies and gaming.

Other features of the Hisense 100L5F include the following:

• High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for the (baseline) HDR10 and (live broadcast) HLG profiles that will boost specular highlights and color vibrancy in supported content. .
• Smooth Motion presentation using a DLP Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) that reacts faster to movement than LED or OLED flat panel technologies, creating what Hisense calls “fluid motion unsurpassed any other display technology.” Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology further aids in motion enhancement, resulting in “smooth and precise movement in sports, fast-action movies and gaming.”

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By Greg Tarr

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