High-end TV displays are expects to be 30% of all TV display in 2025 in unit base, and 57% in revenues base according to Omdia’s latest 3Q20 Display Long-Term Demand Forecast Tracker.

As the sitcom song goes, “we’re movin’ on up” in the mix of high-end TV display purchases, representing 30% of all unit shipments through 2025, representing 57% of the revenue base, according to Q3-2020 forecasts of global TV display unit volume released today in the Q3-2020 Display Long-Term Demand Tracker by market research firm, Omdia.

According to the firm’s latest Q3-2020 TV panel forecasts, although the rate of annual overall TV panel shipments is trending down, the weighted average size of each panel is going up each year.

Omdia estimated global 2020 TV display shipments reached 276 million units, with the mix of display panels used for these models consisting of 272 million LCDs and 4.4 million OLEDs.

“The 276 million is a 5% decline year over year from 2019,” Omdia said. “In 2021, it is expected TV display panel shipments will reach 274 million, with 1% year over year decline. The decline is due to the maturity of the TV market,” the report states.

Despite this, the report goes on to say that continued growth in the evolution of advanced aspects of TV display technology and specifications indicates that the “TV display market is not mature yet with many vivid new picture and form factor performance improvement technologies on the horizon.”

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Omdia defines high-end TV displays as WOLED TVs, Quantum Dot LCD TVs (QLED), QD OLED TVs, QNED TVs, Mini LED backlight LCD TVs, FALD backlight LCD TVs and Micro LED TV displays.

Omdia said the newer display technologies with more and more advanced features and capabilities are getting popular as improved production efficiencies reduce costs.

In 2020 the high-end TV display panel market reached 7% of the total TV display market, and Omdia predicts demand for high-end TV display units to reach 30% in 2025.

The key driving forces of these high-end TV display are attributed to the larger size trend, the cost reduction, the increasing capacity, technology availability and improvements in the reliability and readiness of key components.

At the same time, “consumers are gradually paying more attention to picture performance and [television] form factor enhancements offered at a cost premium, “which is a good thing for the long-term growth of the high-end,” Omdia said.

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By Greg Tarr

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