Backers of the HDR10+ High Dynamic Range (HDR) profile want you to know that the chief alternative to Dolby Vision HDR is alive and well, and continues to gain key support.

The HDR 10+ Technologies LLC issued a status update Wednesday reminding video enthusiasts that powerhouses Google and Roku are among the latest key supporting members of the camp advocating support and use of HDR10+ as a compelling dynamic HDR metadata profile for 4K and 8K UHD television sets and peripherals.

HDR 10+ is a HDR video profile developed by Samsung, 20th Century Fox and Panasonic to add dynamic metadata to static base-level HDR10 source files. HDR10+ enhances dynamic range, color and other image characteristics on a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis, where HDR10 applies one level of picture grading parameters throughout an entire movie or program.

HDR10+ just posted an informational white paper here detailing how HDR10 and HDR10+ fit together. It examines the perceptual, technical and creative benefits of HDR, the story behind the launch of HDR10, and how HDR10+ dynamic metadata further enhances the UHD experience.

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It also provides a deeper dive into the recently announced extension onto HDR10+ called HDR10+ Adaptive that provides on-the-fly picture adjustments tuned with the room lighting environment. It also gives a hint to potential applications for the future.

The dynamic metadata technology provides similar results to the proprietary Dolby Vision HDR profile, but is offered as an open platform to HDR10+ members. So far, Dolby Vision enjoys much broader support in supporting programs and movie titles as well as TV brands and models.

However, Samsung, the world’s TV market share leader for the past several years, continues to support HDR10+ and not Dolby Vision in television sets.

HDR 10+ Technologies, which serves as a promotional agency for HDR10+ support, also continues to expand the library of HDR10+ compatible content as well as supporting devices, tools and services. The HDR profile is now available “from over 100 different companies and offers powerful advantages in everything from professional content creation to consumer electronics,” according to the organization’s announcement this week.

In the over the top (OTT) streaming space, the organization said Paramount+ is now delivering original shows including The Stand to certified HDMI devices, joining Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube and other services in providing content with HDR10+ enhancements.

“There are hundreds of different movies, television shows and user-generated programs now available, including such recent hits as Wonder Woman 1984 and classics like Back to the Future,” the announcement said.

Google and Roku have recently added certified HDR10+ products that will start to arrive in the market shortly.

HDR10+ is also found on a variety of other formats and platforms, including the new APEX (Airline Passenger Experience) Association standard which allows HDR10+ content for in-flight entertainment.

“Google is pleased to join the growing number of companies adopting HDR10+ and working with the HDR+ Technologies LLC”, stated Matt Frost, Director of Product Management at Google. “We envision HDR10+ being a key enabler for Chromecast with GoogleTV and other platforms going forth and we look forward to helping our various partners across the industry achieve a great HDR experience”.

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By Greg Tarr

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