TiVo, the industry leader in hard drive digital recorder technology announced its new CableCARD ready high definition DVR for just $299 retail today. The current Series 3 Tivo high def DVR retails for $799. TiVo is taking orders for early August 2007 delivery of its second generation high definition DVR. It is called the TiVo HD DVR an is equipped with a 160 GB hard drive for recording and storing 20 hours of HD content, and will be available for future expansion capabilities for additional storage. It has dual CableCARD slots for reception of encrypted cable with a subscription to your local cable carrier as well as ATSC over the air tuner. The HD DVR can record up to two programs at the same time. Below are the specifications and service pricing of the TiVo HD DVR. More information can be found at tivo.com,

Ultimate accessory for your HDTV
Easiest way to search, record and watch shows in HD
Record 20 hours in HD (or up to 180 hours in SD)
Replaces your cable box and works with over-the-air antenna*
Download thousands of movies directly to your TiVo box**
TiVo Service features
Schedule your favorite shows online
Control cable TV with record, pause, rewind and fast-forward in HD
Automatically record every episode of your favorite show.
Play mp3’s and view digital photos on your TV**
Phone line or broadband connection
Program source:
Digital cable service (requires up to 2 CableCARD™¹ decoders from your cable provider )
Digital antenna
Video output modes include: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
Note: Not compatible with satellite. Also supports basic cable (non-HD) and analog antenna (non-HD)

*Cable service required to receive cable channels. TiVo does not provide cable service.

**Broadband Internet connection required

¹CableCard is a trademark of CableTelevision Laboratories, Inc.

Not all TiVo Service networking features are currently available on the TiVo HD DVR.

Note: Early termination fee applies, along with terms and conditions of TiVo® Service Agreement and TiVo® Service Payment Plans at www.tivo.com/policies.
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Monthly Plans Offer Details
$16.95 per month
1-year monthly plan
$14.95 per month
2-year monthly plan
$12.95 per month
3-year monthly plan

Prepaid plans Offer Details
1-year prepaid plan
2-year prepaid plan
3-year prepaid plan. Special offer – 1 year free!
Service plan: $16.95
Box fee: $299.99
Subtotal: $316.94

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