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HD Guru’s list of last minute gift items will help you pick outstanding products for the video and audio enthusiasts in your family. HD Guru or a staff member tested every product and each one is highly rated. To make shopping easy, we’ve included links to Amazon.

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[amazonify]B001UM29OC::text::::Spears and Munsil Blu-ray Test Disc $25[/amazonify]

This Blu-ray disc contains all the test signals you’ll need to properly set the main user controls on any HDTV. Among other useful tests is the moving wedge HDGuru used for 120Hz/240Hz LCD evaluations. This disc, our least expensive suggestion, will be a welcome addition to any HDTV owner’s Blu-ray collection.

[amazonify]B001GQ8MT8::text::::Moxi DVR MR 1500-T3 $499[/amazonify]

HD Guru sampled Motorola and Cisco HD DVRs provided by cable providers and Verizon’s FIOS  and the Moxi significantly outperformed all of them thanks to better graphics, improved functionality and far greater storage capacity—a built-in 500GB hard drive stores 75 hours of HD— plus the ability to add a large external hard drive (up to 6TB) for 1000 hours of HD content.

Moxi also brings to your HDTV Internet content from Hulu, Netflix YouTube and web servicess. Best of all, there is no monthly box fee. You’ll only pay for an M CableCard rental (typically about $2 a month from your cable provider) to supply its built-in twin tuners.  HD Guru gives the Moxi its highest ♥♥♥♥♥ rating (a full review will be coming soon).

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[amazonify]B000YQ6DIS::text::::Monsoon HAVA Titanium HD WIFI $149.95[/amazonify]

The Monsoon HAVA Titanium HD WIFI extends your HD content throughout your home and anywhere in the world using a broadband internet connection and PC or laptop. You can view your live or DVR recorded content where and when you desire. The HAVA accepts any HD video source and wirelessly streams it throughout your home in DVD-quality video. You can also watch and control programming on a mobile phone with a broadband Internet connection.  Makes a great gift for anyone who’s on spends a lot of time “on the road.” Hammacher Schlemmer via Amazon

panasonic 30007KX

[amazonify]B001R0O48G::text::::Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair 30007KX $3446.81[/amazonify]

The 30007KX is Panasonic’s best massage chair with 7 different techniques (Swedish, Kneading, Junetsu, Percussion, Compression, Tapping, Shiatsu and Rolling). It has 36 air bags covering 460 sq. inches for your feet, calves, arm/hand, waist, shoulder and your butt!  The back area rollers provide 200 sq. inches of heavenly massage. This chair also features auto body scanning to customize the massage to your body. We love ours. Disclaimer: we purchased it. Gizmos for life via Amazon


[amazonify]B001126QE0::text::::Tripp Lite AVR900U Surge Protector/Uninterrupted Power Supply $99.65 (Free Shipping)[/amazonify]

Don’t fall victim to salesmen spouting benefits of a power line conditioner, claiming it will give you a sharper picture or richer color. It’s nonsense. All you’ll really need is protection against power surges and blackouts ( the latter if your system uses a hard drive such as a DVR or Vudu). Tripp Lite`s AVR900U line-interactive UPS provides surge protection for home theaters in an ultra-compact housing. Its battery-supported AC output will supply continuous power during short blackouts, while its automatic voltage regulation corrects for brownouts (low voltage)  and over voltages. The AVR900A includes 12 output receptacles, 4 of which are widely spaced to accommodate large transformer blocks without obstructing adjacent outlets. 6 outlets feature full battery support and surge suppression. The remaining 6 supply surge suppression for components such as a cable box or surround sound receiver. Single-line telephone suppression jacks protect equipment with a DSL or standard dialup RJ-11 phone line connection such as a TiVo or a DirecTV receiver.  Amazon

[amazonify]B001786D5A::text::::Sony  MDR500NC Noise Cancelling  Headphones $271.99[/amazonify]


The  Sony MDR-NC500D headphones use digital technology  to reduce up to 99% of the noise from planes, trains and buses, while providing high-quality audio. Its built-in lithium-ion rechargable battery provided over 15 hours of noise cancellation in our tests. The MDR500NC fit snugly yet comfortably without any of the ear pressure discomfort of the Bose noise cancelling headphones (as reported by CNET and NY Time’s David Pogue). The 500s come with hard case and adapters for twin miniature plugs found in many planes and a battery backup (in case you forgot to recharge). The HD Guru gives it our highest recommendation. The price has just been reduced (for the first time) to below $300 via Amazon.

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[amazonify]B001V9LA44::text::::Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray Player $127.99[/amazonify]

If you have not seen a Blu-ray movie on your 1080p HDTV, you have never seen how good high def can appear. Broadcast, cable and satellite HDTV is far more compressed than Blu-ray movies, resulting in noise or artifacts that are not present on Blu-ray. The Panasonic Blu-ray player uses proprietary chips to create superb Blu-ray playback and excellent functionality.

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[amazonify]B000VEMJFY::text::::Vudu Movie Streaming Player $149.99 and up[/amazonify]

The Vudu system offers “on demand” viewing of movies in standard and high def versions with a library of over 10,000 titles. Why Vudu instead of Amazon on demand, Netflix (on-line) or other services? Because it has the best picture quality of any provider we’ve tested to date. It’s also simple to operate and has a fantastic user interface. Vudu is available as a free standing box or embedded within the LG BD390 Blu-ray player. Best Buy has the lowest price on each at $149.99 for the BX100 free standing box and $279.99 for the  LG BD390 (currently in store pickup only).

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