Google is allowing users in the U.S. and Canada to upgrade SD and HD titles purchased through Google Play Movies to 4K free of charge.

The company revealed the offer on its website Tuesday, in a post by Ben Serridge, Product Manager, Google Play Movies & TV.

“When 4K titles are available from participating Hollywood studios, we’ll upgrade your past movie purchases so you can stream in 4K, even if you originally bought the movie in SD or HD,” he wrote. “It’s all on us, just open the Play Movies & TV app and we’ll let you know which titles have been upgraded.”

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In tandem with the move, Google said it is also lowering prices on 4K movies.

The announcement said that 4K movies will be playable on many 4K Android TV models including 4K Sony Bravia TVs. Owners will also be able to see 4K Google movies running Play Movies & TV app on most Samsung 4K Smart TVs, “and we’re working on adding support for LG as well.” They can also be played over the Chromecast Ultra and NVIDIA Shield streaming media adapters.

Google said it is also updating the Google Play Movies app used on Samsung, LG and Vizio TVs with a new look and feel to enhance the user experience.

Google’s free 4K upgrade offer follows a similar offering last year from Apple which offered 4K HDR upgrades.


By Greg Tarr


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