Looking for a high-performing Atmos object-based surround sound system without the clutter?

High-end home theater audio equipment manufacturer GoldenEar Technology travels to CEDIA Expo 2016 this week in Dallas to unveil the next iteration in its family of “virtually invisible Atmos” subwoofers for its highly respected immersive surround systems.

This year, GoldenEar will feature a system incorporating the company’s previously introduced Invisa MPXs for both front left and right main channels and rear surrounds, Invisa HTR 7000s for the four height channels, a SuperSat 60C center speaker, and the company’s advanced new SuperSub X subwoofer, which will ship to dealers immediately following its CEDIA debut.

The total Atmost package will carry a $6,049 suggested retail price.

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GoldenEar is building off of the virtually invisible Atmos system it showed last year. That was where the company unveiled its in-ceiling Invisa HTR 7000s speakers for all three front channels as well as the four height channels. The company notes that the Invisa HTR 7000s have become the reference standard for Atmos height speakers. Also showed last year were the Invisa MPX in-wall rear surrounds and SuperSub XXL.

Golden Ear’s Sandy Gross said the latest system, featuring in-wall front and rear speakers, in-ceiling Atmos height speakers and new SuperSub X “will be a game-changing category-killer in the world of ultra-compact subs.”

The SuperSub X is a smaller version of the company’s well-received SuperSub, and includes proprietary Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced Technology. Force-cancelling inertial balancing is said to preserve, conserve and focus all the energy produced by the transducers in order to effectively move the air in the room (rather than vibrating and shaking the cabinet), as well as enabling full recovery of subtle details, rather than allowing loss and blurring due to wasted energy and box movement, the company said.

GoldenEar explained that because there are two active drivers that are separated horizontally in space, as well as two sub-bass radiators, which are similarly separated vertically, the driver-to-room coupling and bass response is distributed more smoothly, allowing the different drivers to couple to different room standing wave patterns (called eigenmodes).

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The SuperSub X subwoofer, which will carry a $1,249 suggested retail, is housed in an ultra-compact 12-1/2-inch gloss piano black cube, which contains two long-throw 8-inch drivers, two 10-1/2 x 9-1/2 inch quadratic planar infrasonic radiators, a 1400-watt ForceField Digital Amplifier and a 56-bit DSP device, which is virtually a mini-computer controlling multiple performance parameters. Included are a precision level control, a 12 dB per octave low pass control, continuously variable from 40Hz-200Hz, for the two stereo RCA inputs, and a switch to select the direct-coupled, unfiltered LFE input. Overall frequency response is 12Hz-200Hz.

The SuperSub X’s electronics have been designed with a strong focus on keeping latency to an absolute minimum. Latency is basically time delay that exists in digital circuits. It has the effect of moving the subwoofer back from its physical position. This creates a misalignment with the rest of the system. Two RCA inputs are provided for both LFE connection, as well as low-level connection from a stereo source. A precision level control as well as a phase-perfect low-pass control are added to enable seamless integration into any system.

The company will be demonstrating its latesty “virtually invisible Atmos system” in Sound Room 10 during the show.

By Greg Tarr


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