Those with outdoor home theaters, or music lovers who like to take their tunes to the patio, renowed French speaker brand Focal has just introduced a pair of new affordable yet high-performing outdoor speaker options.

The company introduced Tuesday the weather-resistant 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 wired speaker models.

Both models feature a stealthy design that won’t stand out from the landscape or poolside decor.

The 100 OD line features a basic black or white cabinet colors that blend easily into a typical outdoor landscape.

Both models also are said to be the first outdoor speakers to carry the Ingress Protection 66 (IP66) water and dust-resistant ratings to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

The step-up 100 OD8 ($249 suggested retail each) features an 8-inch bass driver for deeper and louder bass response, while the 100 OD6 ($199 each) is equipped with a 6-inch driver.

Both models come with solid aluminum mounting brackets supporting either vertical or horizontal positioning and up to a 180-degree rotation for maximum placement flexibility. In typically Focal form, every aspect of this speaker has been thoughtfully designed.


By Greg Tarr


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