Fluance, a Niagra Falls, Canada-based manufacturer of home theater sound systems, introduced Wednesday the next generation of its affordable high-performance Reference Series speakers hitting stores now.

The new Fluance 2020 Reference Series models are comprised of four high-quality speaker options including floor-standing tower speakers (XL8F), bookshelf surround speakers (XL8S), a center channel speaker (XL8C) and bipolar speakers (XL8BP), each of which has been re-engineered to hit new levels of immersive sound performance.

Pricing for each Reference Series is as follows: XL8F ($599.99 suggested retail), XL8S ($179.99), XL8C ($149.99) and XL8BP ($199.99).

The XL8S bookshelf speakers were designed with attention to clarity and enveloping sound. They can be used as front channels in a 2-channel stereo setup or rear channels in a multi-channel surround sound speakers. The XL8C center channel speaker provides also stresses clarity for accurate, understandable dialog that stands out from surround sound effects.

Fluance said it uses “a distinct driver configuration design,” in its new XL8BP bipolar speakers to create omni-directional acoustics to fill out an immersive surround sound experience.

The company said it sources “superior components” engineered into its speaker designs for expansive sound reproduction that captures the passion and dynamics of music and theatrical performances as if listening in front of center stage.

Fluance Referenece Series speakers are known for present a rich and detailed midrange produced through the use of woven fiber drivers with vibrational damping and optimal linear movement. This is said to preserve the with accuracy the sound of the content creators.

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Fluance said these drivers “reveal the most subtle sounds and expressions of individual instruments ensuring consumers are hearing a rich and layered soundscape providing a new dimension to their favorite movies and music.”

For brilliant high frequency reproduction, Fluance uses premium neodymium silk dome tweeters in each speaker for crisp, natural sounding high end with spacious off-axis dispersion.

For a visual appearance to match the quality of the emitted acoustics, Fluance Reference Series speakers are crafted from acoustically inert wood for a sealed cabinet enclosure in models XL8C and XL8BP or vented bass-reflex design in models XL8F, XL8S for a controlled low-frequency bass response. The XL8F tower speakers’ wood cabinets are constructed with rigid internal bracing to prevent unwanted resonance and include separate internal enclosures to keep sound waves isolated to eliminate any acoustic interference, the company said.

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By Greg Tarr

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