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Epson, the world-wide leading seller of front projectors just announced two of its latest models use lasers instead of a lamp to illuminate the image. In addition, one model includes pixel shift for 4K display . Get the details after the break.

While Epson has been known for its LCD projectors, these use micro display panel technology Epson calls LCD –Reflective.  JVC  call their reflective LCDs- Liquid Crystal on Silicon or LCoS.

Epson claims a laser lifespan of up to 30,000 hours (eco mode) versus 1000 to 2000 hours for conventional UHP projection lamps. This means with typical use the lasers should be cranking out light well past the point of technical obsolescence.

Red, blue and green colors are created using two blue lasers. The second beam strikes a phosphor that creates yellow light which is then split into its green and red component colors. The red, green and blue light is then guided to the 3 reflective LCD microdisplay panels which produce the image.

There are two Epson laser models, the Pro Cinema LS10000 and the Pro Cinema LS9800e. The LS10000 offers a UHD 4K HDMI input and will create a virtual UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) image via the pixel shift. Image brightness is rated at 1500 lumens.

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Epson incorporates a 10-10 film pulldown feature via its 240 Hz refresh rate for 2D mode and a 480 Hz refresh mode for  brighter 3D  TheLS10000 is limited to 1080p resolution when in 3D mode. However, currently there is no UHD 4D content available.

The LS9800 drops the 4K input and the pixel shift, but adds a wireless HD transmitter and a built-in receiver. It has a rated brightness of 1300 lumens.

With the use of copper heat piping and very quiet fan both units have a low 19 db noise rating.

Each will ship this fall at a price of “under” $8000. For full specs and more photos click here.


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