If you’re planning on a having your family unwrap that mysterious present mounted on the wall, make sure you don’t forget the following accessories so that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

I’ve included some Amazon links, even though it’s too late to get something by tomorrow, just so you can have an idea about prices while you make that last minute run to Best Buy.

If you’re still looking for ideas, check out our Great Last Minute Gifts and A Few of Our Favorite Things articles.

HDMI cables

HDMI Cables

TVs and Blu-ray players almost never come with HDMI cables. In order to get an HD picture, you’re going to need HDMI or at least component. Check out our setup guide, or our Beware the End of Sale article. The most important thing to remember is you don’t need to spend more that $10 for a 1-meter cable. Honestly, you shouldn’t even spend $5. More expensive HDMI cables do not give you a better picture, no matter what the elves tell you. Check out Geoff’s comments in the Beware the End of Sale article for the reasons why. As an example, here’s a 2-meter HDMI cable on Amazon for under $3.00.

Set-Up Discs

Can’t hurt to get the TV looking great on the first day. Check out our Must-Have Blu-ray TV Setup Discs Reviewed for some choices.


The old joke about 5 bajillion power cables in one socket is sadly true all too often. In addition to being a fire hazard… wait, you need a better reason other than it being a fire hazard? At the very least invest in a decent power strip. Check out Gary’s Power Conditioner article for the next step up.


Terk Indoor Amplified AntennaJust because you have an HDTV, doesn’t mean you have HD. You need an HD source, bet it cable, satellite, or even over the air. All HDTVs have a built in tuner, and most areas can receive HDTV broadcasts from the major networks. Call your cable/satellite provider to make sure you’ll have HD on Christmas. If Santa is bringing the TV (fitting it down the chimney how?), the addition or a new cable/satellite box may be look suspiciously like foreknowledge. Don’t laugh, kids are smart.

So if you want to have HD on Christmas morning, but don’t have a Blu-ray player and need to wait to upgrade your box, a simple antenna will probably pull in just enough HD channels to satisfy your HD cravings for the holiday. Check out AntennaWeb.org to find out what kind of antenna you need. The powered Terk model to the left here is under $40.00 is will likely be more than most people need.

That should do it. Merry Merry to you and yours.