Satellite TV provider Dish said its new HopperGO personal video mobile drive is now available for purchase by subscribers of the Dish TV service.

HopperGO, which is available to Dish customers now at a $99 retail price, is described as a pocket-sized mobile DVR that customers can take on the road to watch stored movies and TV episodes.

Unlike the common practice of downloading a couple of movies to a smartphone or tablet for portable movie viewing on the go, the HopperGO doesn’t eat up precious storage space on the mobile device. The HopperGO provides extra storage for movies and TV programs so users will not be required to erase apps or pictures to free up space for video on a phone or tablet.

Dish said the HopperGO also provides an option for dealing with data caps imposed by 4G LTE services. That way, movie streaming won’t consume valuable remaining data capacity or run up additional data charges from excessive video streaming.

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Instead, Dish said the HopperGO creates its own private wireless cloud so customers can binge watch favorite programs on-the-go from their phones and tablets without touching the 4G LTE plan or requiring a separate broadband Internet connection.

Dish said the HopperGO does not impose any additional monthly fees. The device contains 64 GB of storage capacity, which is enough for about 100 hours of DVR recordings. Dish subscribers with a Hopper 3 or Hopper 2 DVR and Dish Anywhere App can easily transfer recordings to the HopperGO for offline viewing.

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The private wireless cloud created by the HopperGO will feed access to up to five tablets and smartphones via the Dish Anywhere app. No Internet connection is required to playback content. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Kindle tablets.

The HooperGO will support video watching for up to four house on a single change and can be used while charging, the company said.

By Greg Tarr


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