It’s been a big week in the satellite TV world, with word that DISH is going after sports enthusiasts with a new team-specific subscription offer for NBA fans, following word that DirecTV is about to launch an over-the-top live-channel streaming service to rival DISH’s Sling TV.

DISH revealed Tuesday that it is the first multi-channel TV service provider to offer subscribers the new NBA Team Pass package providing access to all the games of a favorite NBA team throughout the season for a reduced rate of $119.

Subscribers may elect to follow any one of the 30 NBA teams through the add-on sports package to get access to live out-of-market games.

DISH will continue to offer NBA League Pass, which provides access to all out-of-market NBA games throughout the full season for a $199 fee offering up to 40 live games from around the league every week and on demand.

The offering is especially beneficial to displaced fans who might live in a market other than that of their favorite NBA team.

Read more on the DISH’s NBA Team Pass after the jump:

As an introduction to the service, DISH will unlock NBA League Pass as a free preview starting NBA Opening Night on October 25 running through November 1. DISH subscribers will have the opportunity to get started on the action.

DISH customers may purchase NBA Team Pass or NBA League Pass for the 2016-2017 season by calling 1-877-DISH PPV (347-4778).

DISH is giving subscribers the option of paying for NBA Team Pass in four installments of $29.75 or NBA League Pass in four installments of $49.75.

NBA Team Pass and NBA League Pass provide customers with access to regular season, out-of-market games only. Games watched on DISH will be subject to local blackouts depending on the customer’s location.

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DirecTV To Launch Sling TV-Like Service

With the offer, DISH gets the jump on rival DirecTV, which has traditionally positioned itself as the king of sports packages.

News of the NBA plan follows by a day word from Randall Stephenson, CEO of DirecTV parent AT&T, that the nation’s largest satellite provider will next month launch an over-the-top streaming service called DirecTV Now that will allow viewers to subscribe to DirecTV programming without the need of a dish or set-top receiver.

Stephenson went on to announce at a Wall Street Journal conference Tuesday that the service, which is similar to DISH’s Sling TV and the Sony PlayStation Vue service, will cost $35 per month and offer 100-plus “premium” channels. Revenue from the service will be partially supported by new advertising systems.

The new service comes at a critical time. DirecTV recently reported adding 323,000 net subscribers in the third quarter of 2016 but AT&T’s U-verse telco TV service lost 326,0000 net subscribers at the same time, AT&T has announced. The latest additions give AT&T’s satellite operations 993,000 subscriber additions over the first three quarters of the year, while the U-verse operations have lost 1.1 million video subscribers.
AT&T, which has encouraged U-verse subscribers to shift to DirecTV, is hopeful DirecTV Now can help the company’s overall video subscriber numbers rebound. Stephenson said the OTT live streaming multi-channel service will offer more than 100 channels, and a “radically lower” price than competitive services. The DirecTV Now program will target approximately 20 million people who do not or no longer use premium multi-channel services.

DirecTV hasn’t yet announced channel lineup plans for the OTT live streaming service, which will be app based with no need of leased set-top boxes or satellite dishes.

For comparison purposes: Sony’s PlayStation Vue live OTT multi-channel TV services features more than 100 channels in a single package. That service offers several tiers of service, with the most expensive costing $64.99 a month for more than 100 channels, including such premium channels as HBO and Showtime. A step-down plan with more than 100 channels and fewer premium selections runs $44.99 a month.

Meanwhile, Sling TV’s two basic plans each start at $20 for 25 primarily basic cable channels, with different channel selections in each package. It’s premium plan combines channels from both of the basic plans for $40 per month. The service has been expanding its channel offerings and gives customers the chance to add on various premium services like HBO Now for an additional fee.

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