DirecTV To Launch A 3D Channel-HD Guru Exclusive

December 28th, 2009 · 15 Comments · 3D HDTV, DLP, LCD Flat Panel, Plasma

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(December 28, 2009) DirecTV intends to launch the first US 3D HDTV channel early next year. The satellite TV provider plans to make the announcement at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 7th.

Tonight, DirecTV is scheduled to blast its latest satellite into orbit. The new bird gives DirecTV the capacity to add an all HD 3D channel, along with additional  HD  channels, though the technical specs of the broadcast are not yet clear. The new satellite goes fully operational in March 2010.  The new DirecTV 3D channel will feature an assortment of movies, sports and programs in 3D. All programs are in HD 3D and meet the new 3D standards the major TV manufacturers support, according to sources.

Sources tell HD Guru DirecTV’s current HDTV boxes will receive a firmware upgrade to allow its existing subscriber base to receive HD 3D programming. The shows will then be compatible with the new 3D capable HDTVs expected to debut at CES by Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG and other TV makers, as well as existing Mitsubishi DLP models that are accompanied by a forthcoming 3D converter box. Viewers will need one of these new 3D HDTVs to view DirecTV 3D programming, along with compatible 3D glasses.

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  • ugg

    wow thats the funniest thing i have heard in decades… THEY ARE ALL COMPRESSED. i have seen 50+ meg throughput when im watching my blurays… you think anyone anywhere has the bandwidth to cover that, i know my cable provider has almost 100 HD channels… you do the math. but yeah 3d is a gimic at best

  • Jeremy

    Considering that Avatar did so well and now the 3d version of Alice in Wonderland is killing the box office, I think that 3d on TV is going to continue to grow.

  • Ron Waldorf

    Will I be able to use my Samsung 3D-ready DLP for this service?

  • Charles Wilson

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this. Wondering how it will pan out? I work with Sharp and can’t wait to see how they participate with their HD televisions in this area.

  • Scott I.

    In either case by the time you pay rent on the converter box the 3d glasses, because you know there not going to be free,no matter who you subscribe with you will once again be paying that all mighty arm and a leg. Technology as they say is once again comming round but at what price to us the consummer? The economy right now says its a bad time.

  • Frank Ireland

    In response to the post by “eliseus”: As stated by “Mike”, they will use the shutter glasses (electronic glasses called “field-sequential”). This is very good technology that produces a clear, clean image. Older versions caused some flicker in the picture, but from what I hear, that has been resolved due to faster refresh rates.

    I need to comment on eliseus’ statement about Avatar: They did NOT use the red-blue glasses (which is called anaglyph). They used polarized glasses for the Imax screens and “Real-D” for other 3-D screens (a similar technologly known as “circular polarization”). Both technologies are VASTLY superior to anaglyph. All of the 3-D movies in theaters these days use one of 3 systems for 3-D: 1) Disney uses “Disney Digital 3-D”, which is a “circular-polarization” system. 2) Non-Disney movies use “Real-D” which is essentially the same thing (it might be exactly the same thing, not sure). Last, but not least, is the Imax 3-D, which is an older version of polarization (but still similar to the other two). Some Imax screens also used the shutter glasses (field-sequential), but I doubt if that is true anymore. The only place you will see anaglyph (red-blue or red-green) is on TV and some 3-D DVD’s. The second-generation shutter system is the standard for 3-D TV, and is already in use on certain Samsung and Mitsubishi TV’s.

  • Mike

    They will not be the red/blue glasses – they will be the electronic shutter glasses, where the TV will send the left eye and the glasses will shutter the right eye, and vice versa. This will produce a true 3D image with no color loss. Some earlier Samsung plasma TVs, the PN50A450 i.e., had the output for the device that will send the signal to the glasses built in, but it was too early for it’s time.

  • eliseus

    If they think that with 1950’s red-blue glasses there will be a success, they are completely wrong. You can’t be wearing all time those stupid lens. Even now at the movies they still remain with that technology where in IMAX (Avatar) they gave me those glasses. What a frustration!



  • shawn

    wow, thats funny you think ANYTHING be it cable or sat is uncompressed… wow thats the funniest thing i have heard in decades… THEY ARE ALL COMPRESSED. i have seen 50+ meg throughput when im watching my blurays… you think anyone anywhere has the bandwidth to cover that, i know my cable provider has almost 100 HD channels… you do the math. but yeah 3d is a gimic at best… everyone just got fancy new 1000 buck plus HD TV’s you really think in the state of the econ right now all these households have another grand or more stuck up thier ass?

  • DR Scott

    I never will subscribe to cable , its just another way to screw the american public out of dollars and sense. If i want to sit and watch a movie i want to relax not be interupted by comercials and snake oil salesmen.People need to put 60 dollars in a retirement fund instead of feeding the corporations if they dont when they are old they will be walking the US like the undead.

  • DR Scott

    Yes All Corporate comercials will be in 3 D as well ,to go along with the 12 db Comercial volume boost they alread have.If i have to sit and watch comercials then why am i paying for cable.
    Just another way to extract a fools dollar.

  • Jeff

    3D is going in a weird direction, its neat, but still feels like a novelty to me. anyways, made another post about it here:

    Thanks hdguru.

  • Josh

    YUCK! Use the bandwidth for uncompressed HD and HD audio (hint. Blu-ray), screw 3D, it’s lame!!!!!

  • Bug Killer

    Great- I bet it will have a HUGE logo onscreen all the time, probably extending outwards in 3-D, telling you that you are watching a 3-D and HD channel.

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