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AT&T’s satellite TV service DirecTV will join Dish in offering an over-the-top streaming service alternative to its traditional satellite-delivered multi-channel TV service, the company revealed Tuesday.

Intended for use with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes, the internet-based streaming TV service is planned to launch later this year and will consist of branded and repackaged DirecTV channels. Customers will not require an existing service plan, satellite equipment or need to commit to restrictive contract agreements.

Channel lineups, pricing and availability dates were not disclosed.

The approach is similar to Dish’s Sling TV over-the-top live streaming service launched last year, targeting cord-cutters, cord-shavers and cord-nevers.

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The new packages will be divided into three tiers: DirecTV Now, DirecTV Mobile, and DirecTV Preview.

Now is the most robust package and will offer “much of what is available from DirecTV today,” AT&T said in statement. This would include on-demand and live programming, cable networks and premium add-on options.

Mobile is targeted at smartphones regardless of carrier and will be priced lower than the Now package.

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Preview will be a free, ad-supported option with limited content options.

AT&T plans to announce exact tier pricing at launch time.

AT&T said it plans to continue offering traditional DirecTV satellite TV and fiber-optic-based U-verse TV services after the streaming service is launched.

Also to be announced are which platforms and devices will be used to access the new service tiers.

By Greg Tarr


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