DirecTV will present the California-Stanford NCAA basketball game live in 4K Ultra HD from Fox Sports on Feb. 17, 2016 on channel 106, one of its three dedicated 4K channels.

The satcast will be the first live 4K sporting event carried via DirecTV’s collaboration with Fox Sports network. More events are expected to follow on a regular basis, according to TV Predictions. Upcoming sporting events through the DirecTV/Fox Sports affiliation will include: NASCAR races, FIFA soccer matches, football games and Major League Baseball games.

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On March 1, DirecTV will carry Fox’s regional telecast of the Washington-UCLA college basketball game live in 4K on channel 106. For other viewers, both games will be simulcast in high-def on Fox regional sports channels. DirecTV does not provide HDR enhancements at this time.

DirecTV and Fox Sports first announced their new 4K sports coverage partnership last Fall. Previously, DirecTV had covered live sports events in 4K Ultra HD, including a handful of games from MLB Network.

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In other 4K satellite programming news, DirecTV also recently announced it will be offering the BBC’s “Planet Earth II” in 4K Ultra HD on channel 104 February 18th, as will DirecTV rival, Dish.

Dish will present Planet Earth II in 4K UHD on its channel 540 with simulcasts in HD on BBC America every Saturday from February 18-March 25th.

The nature documentary series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, is the next installment of the wildly successful “Planet Earth” series that helped to launch the Blu-ray Disc platform. The series is being simulcast in HD on BBC America, AMC and SundanceTV. BBC America will continue showing episodes of the program on Saturday nights.

Dish will be offer an exclusive free preview of BBC America, from Feb. 14th through March 30th, giving customers access to “Planet Earth II” in both 4K and HD.


By Greg Tarr


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