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During today’s earnings call,  DirecTV’s CEO and President Michael D. White announced they will be launching their own 4K Video On Demand (VOD) 4K service “before the end of the year”. White also spoke about the rest of DirecTV’s ambitious 4K plans.

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White told the audience he expects in “2015 or early ’16 to be able to stream live content” in Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160) resolution.

To accomplish this depends on the successful launching of 2 new satellites for the US market during the next 18 months. The new birds “will unlock a tremendous amount of incremental capacity for our system, and we fully expect some of that capacity to be used to be able to stream 4K content”  White said.

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When asked if the quality of service will be better that it is with cable HD right now, White replied “I don’t — I haven’t seen — I know Comcast is working on it, … and I haven’t seen their execution. I’m sure they’ll do a great job, but we certainly expect fully, with the 2 new satellites going up, it’s going to give us a unique advantage of capacity to be able to provide a great customer experience. And as I said, we actually hope, even before we get those satellites up, to do (4K) VOD before the end of the year.”

White added DirecTV is working on securing native 4K content as one of the challenges in being able to launch 4K VOD and live satellite broadcasts.


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