Forget about LED versus plasma, 3D, thin form factors, motion resolution and viewing angles. More important is what to do about TVs with dirty mouths.

It’s long been possible to censor bad language on standard definition channels and on DVDs, but until the arrival of the recently introduced TVGuardian,  HDTV watchers have had to put up with all sorts of cussing and nasty language.

TVGuardian is a box that can edit out all manner of low definition language contained in high definition programming whether broadcast over the air, cable or satellite and on Blu-ray discs.

While all TVs today are equipped with a “V” chip that can be set to restrict all but “G” rated programming, TV Guardian lets you and your wholesome family view PG and higher rated content, minus the nasty language found on many prime time network programs and in movies.

Not content with merely blocking the verbal blight, TVGuardian actually inserts clean, wholesome, substitute words and phrases as text.

In an email and phone interview, TVGuardian President Britt Bennett,  provided the following examples (we censored the root words so as not to offend any of our readers):

  • F*** you becomes Go away.
  • You’re full of $#*! becomes You’re full of crud.
  • He’s an a**#ole becomes He’s an idiot.

Over 400 words

TVGuardian is programmed to mute more than 400 words. Here is a partial list of  blocked words (as supplied by TVGuardian)


We think you’ve got the idea, though we don’t know why there is a problem with the fine actor Dick Van Dyke (yes we do: it’s Dick and Dyke).

Wait There’s More

Bennett added that the device will also censor and mute dual-definition word combinations like “dirty” + “sanchez”. The TVGuardian can also be updated via its USB port for with new nasty word combinations such “tea” + bagger” though that phrase is currently not on the censor list.

TVGuardian includes controls that can alter the level of omissions. So, for example,  a preacher can say “Jesus Christ and you’ll hear it. The TVGuardian’s filter technology also removes pejorative ethnic and religious terms.

How it Works

Here is a YouTube video of the TV Guardian in action:


Not sold in stores, The TVGuardian is available for $209.85 + shipping directly from

While all HDTVs include “advanced technological features like channel selection and an on-off button, why take personal responsibility for filtering content coming into your home, when an electronic guardian can do it for you?



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