On the heels of its introduction of three new S-series AVRs, Denon unveiled this week a soundbar and subwoofer that also will add compatibility with the company’s HEOS wireless multiroom sound technology.

Both the HEOS Bar soundbar and the HEOS Subwoofer are scheduled to hit retail stores in April.

Read more on Denon’s new HEOS -powered subwoofer and soudbar after the jump:

The HEOS Bar ($899 suggested retail) features a three-channel design that is said to be suitable for TVs with screen sizes of 50 inches or larger. It can be placed on a shelf, tabletop or wall-mount. The Bar uses nine drivers in a 45-degree configuration to spread sound around the room and incorporates DSP technology to produce virtual surround effects.

Denon said the processing decodes surround sound audio and uses processing algorithms to simulate 5.1-channel audio without extra surround speakers.

The Bar comes equipped with four 4K-compatible HDMI 2.0a inputs to accept signals from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players, cable boxes and other source devices. It will support Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio processing from external source connected to HDMI inputs.

The built-in HEOS technology enables playing music from direct from a phone via Bluetooth, and via favorite streaming services from popular cloud music services like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, Tidal, SiriusXM, Soundcloud and Amazon Music.

It will also integrate into a HEOS multiroom system to send music to HEOS-compatible wireless speakers and components positioned around a house.

For a home theater set up, the Bar can be used with a pair of HEOS speakers and wireless HEOS Subwoofer.

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Built-in HEOS music streaming allows listening to personal music libraries over a home network with up to DSD file quality from various streaming services, Internet radio stations or from a phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The HEOS Subwoofer ($599) will integrate with the entire HEOS wirelessly networked product range, including wireless speakers, and the HEOS Amp/HEOS Link, to add deep bass to the listening experience.

The HEOS Subwoofer features a stylish matte black finish in a slimline design that can be placed vertically or horizontally to conform with the requirements of the room.

The HEOS Sub is outfitted with two custom-made 5-1/4 inch drive units and class- D amplification to offer room-shaking bass.

The Sub Advanced also supports digital signal processing for optimal default sound settings, or users can select their own preferred settings via the HEOS app. System integration features in the app provide a factory-optimized option for each configuration, as well as advanced settings for users that want more control in their unique listening environment.


By Greg Tarr



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