If you are holding off that purchase of a 4K Ultra HDTV to see if if the technology is here to stay, or just another flash in the pan, like oh, say, 3DTV, you may not have to wait much longer.

Sales of 4K Ultra HDTVs were up 494 percent for the third quarter with nearly 2 million sets sold year to date, according to data released Friday by the multi-industry digital entertainment promotional organization known as the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG).

According to the data, 2.8 million U.S. households, of the 96 million total HDTV U.S. households, currently have a 4K Ultra HDTV and nearly 80 million households own Blu-ray playback devices.

Meanwhile, consumer spending on digital entertainment continued to be stable through the third quarter of 2015, helping year-to-date revenue reach $13 billion, remaining even with digital entertainment spending through the same period last year.

The DEG said its data indicates consumers continue to embrace the convenience and accessibility of purchasing and collecting digital content online.

More on the DEG’s findings for digital entertainment spending after the jump:

The study found total U.S. home entertainment spending during the third quarter of 2015 reached almost $4 billion, up slightly, from a year ago. The numbers however, outpaced by 13 percentage points the box office value of the releases.


The $13 billion garnered through the first three quarters of the year, also outpaced box office returns by nearly 6 percentage points.
According to the DEG, overall electronic sell through (EST) rose 19 percent year to date and 14 percent for the quarter compared to the same period last year.

Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD) rose 23 percent in the third quarter over the same period last year.

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Meanwhile, the use of the UltraViolet system, through which the purchase of a digital or disc-based title can be shared by multiple playback platforms, continues to grow in the U.S. and has spread to12 additional territories. The DEG reported nearly 25 million worldwide household UV accounts, with more than 150 million movies and TV shows owned in their UV libraries, according the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), which administers the UV platforms.

By Greg Tarr


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