Sony 2015 XBR65X850C 580 WM copy2016 4K Ultra HDTVs will be out soon. That means TV manufacturers and retailers need to start clearing out inventory on 2015 models, giving consumers nice savings from the original introductory prices in the process. One of today’s top TV deals on Amazon features Sony’s popular 55-inch 4K UHD LED LCD TV model XBR-55X850C at $1,198.

That’s $1,001.99 off (46%) of the regular $2,199.99 selling price.

The XBR-55X850C, and its 65- ($1,998) and 75-inch ($3,498) companion models in the series, offer 4K Ultra HD resolution and feature Sony’s X1 processor and Triluminos color enhancement circuitry. They also add the Android TV smart TV operating system with a wide range of streaming apps, including Amazon Video streaming, faster operation and easier connectivity with hand-held devices. The X850C models were also given a firmware update after release that makes them compatible with high dynamic range (HDR) metadata in new generation 4K HDR content, allowing the TVs to read and display HDR images up to the peak brightness capabilities of the TV with a wider range of light.

High dynamic range reproduces a greater range of light from deep black to brighter degrees of white, while still retaining details and color in the deepest black and brightest white segments of the image, simultaneously.

When viewing content that has been encoded with HDR metadata, Sony’s HDR TVs will produce brighter colors, and enhanced details. The TVs will also display a wider color gamut than typical TVs that only handle the Rec. 709 standard, which has been in place since the first HDTVs arrived. Sony’s 4K UHD TVs also do a very good job of upscaling and handling motion blur.

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