Versions of PowerDVD after v. 16 (above) will support Ultra HD Blu-ray playback

CyberLink, the producer of media playback and editing software for PCs and mobile devices, said its pervasive PowerDVD app just received certification from the Blu-ray Disc Association for playback of Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs.

According to CyberLink, the software media player is the only one so far that has passed the BD-ROM 4.0 PC Application Software License process.

Read more on the CyberLink’s Ultra HD Blu-ray PowerDVD plans after the jump:

This certification ensures that PowerDVD will be able to deliver Ultra HD Blu-ray and other 4K content with 3840×2160 resolution as well as support of high dynamic range (HDR) presenting a wide range of contrast and fine detail in dark and bright areas; a wider color gamut (for supporting 4K/HDR monitors at TVs); frame rates up to 60 fps and support for object-based surround sound formats (like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X).

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To take advantage of the capabilities of Ultra HD Blu-ray playback a PC will need to have an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, a 4K Ultra HD-supporting computer monitor, 4K graphics card including the ability to read and playback HEVC 10-bit and support HDCP 2.2 content protection and read and play HDR-10 high dynamic range metadata.

Thus far, some of those hardware elements remain limited or scarce, although that should change soon.

CyberLink said Ultra HD Blu-ray supporting versions of PowerDVD will be available in early 2017 from the company’s online store and authorized CyberLink retailers. The company is also working soliciting hardware manufacturers to provide versions of the software to support forthcoming Ultra HD Blu-ray drives, PCs and other devices.

By Greg Tarr


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