While more than nine in 10 U.S. households own a television and/or smartphone, it is the former category that leads the country in consumer adoption, according to the Consumer Technologies Association (CTA) 23rd Annual Consumer Technology Ownership & Market Potential Study.

According the recently issued report on estimate consumer technology purchases and purchase intent, consumers on average report owning 2.3 TVs per household, accounting for nearly 253 million units now installed in U.S. homes.

Comparing household consumer technology products, 4K Ultra HDTVs outpaced all other categories for the largest growth in ownership from 2020 to 2021, the report found.

“Of the 83 product categories measured, U.S.household ownership of 4K Ultra HD TVs and 2-in-1 notebook or laptop computers saw the largest point gains,” the report states. “Notably, smart home products and connected sports or fitness equipment made solid inroads into U.S. households in 2021 as well.”

Comparatively, smartphone ownership ranked second in household penetration, and over the next 12 months, U.S. households intend to purchase nearly 45 million phones, “with demand for the next-generation 5G phone still building among consumers.

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The report said 28% of U.S. consumers surveyed plan to purchase a 5G smartphone over the next year.

Meanwhile U.S. penetration of 4K Ultra HD televisions has increased 44% in 2021, and they are now owned by 52% of U.S. households, CTA said.

“Purchase intent for TVs is also strong with two in seven households intending to purchase any television in the next 12 months, an increase of 5 percentage points from this time last year,” the report states.

Also growing, although at a slower pace, are 8K Ultra HDTVs, which numbered an estimated 1.1 million units in U.S. homes at the end of 2020, compared to an installed base of 96.9 million 4K Ultra HD TV units in 57 million total U.S. households going into 2021, the report showed.

An estimated 8% of consumers who are first time buyers of an UHD TV surveyed expressed an intent to purchase an 8K television over the next year.

Regarding Ultra HD Blu-ray players, the CTA report estimated a U.S. household penetration of 23% in 2019, 24% in 2020 and a predicted penetration of 25% by the end of 2021. The report estimates 30.2 million U.S. households have at least one (dedicated) Ultra HD Blu-ray player and an installed unit base of 48.3 million units for an average of 1.4 units per Ultra HD Blu-ray home in 2020 growing to 1.6 units in 2021.

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By Greg Tarr

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