Digital connectivity solutions developer Cosemi Technology announced in advance of InfoComm 2019 the development of a new pluggable 18GB HDMI all-fiber video interconnect designed to deliver picture and audio signals including 8K, 4K/60Hz, 4:4:4 chroma sub sampling and HDR over previously installed fiber optic runs.

The company said the solution was originally developed for applications seeking to take advantage of multi-mode fiber in existing infrastructures, such as those found in education, medical and corporate enterprise environments.

But Cosemi added that its active optical cables (AOCs) will provide the benefits of fiber to a broader audience and greater range of applications. This will get around some of the prior limitations of using short, bulky copper HDMI 2.0 cables.

For example, in environments where long cable distances are needed and/or when a fiber infrastructure already exists, leveraging the already-installed infrastructure and sending uncompressed 4K video across a fiber-only application is often the best course of action. Cosemi said this is because routing fiber-only cables behind walls where a fiber infrastructure already exists is easier and more efficient than using copper or hybrid cables.

Cosemi’s new all-fiber HDMI 2.0 dongle is billed as a comprehensive interconnect solution for 4K/8K video – “at lengths ranging from tens of feet to thousands of feet.”

The solution will extend the company’s lineup of hybrid HDMI AOCs by aggregating high-speed video and HDMI control low-speed signals over standard MPO based multi-mode fiber cables.

Key Features of the all-fiber HDMI solution include:

Plug-and-play installation
The Ability to field terminate
Field-upgradable (replace dongles)
Long fiber extension supports in-wall fiber connections without extra cabling
Isolation from Electrical Magnetic Interference (EMI)

At InfoComm, Cosemi and its OEM partners plan to introduce the All-Fiber HDMI 2.0 dongle solution enhancing its range of existing HDMI, DisplayPort and USB active hybrid optical cables.

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Additionally, Cosemi said it will show its new 8K DisplayPort AOC matrix switcher. The DP1.4 switcher supports one-to-many or many-to-one modes – and is the first switcher to do so for 8K applications using active optical cables.

“While other all-fiber point solutions exist in the market, they lack the broad portfolio of HDMI, DisplayPort and USB I/O solutions – as well as the price performance balance Cosemi provides,” noted Samir Desai, Cosemi’s senior vice president of business development. “InfoComm is the ideal venue to demonstrate our continued commitment to providing best-in-class interconnects for any and all ultra high-definition video experiences.”

Cosemi said it will begin sampling its new HDMI All-Fiber solution with key partners in Q2 2019, with mass production planned for Q3 2019.

By Greg Tarr

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